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Keyword density in the website is outdated seo tutorial technology

If we talk about the keyword density on the website, you may think back to the previous search engine. The previous search engine certainly cannot understand the word meaning like humans do. Only retrieval keywords are involved, keywords with the highest density are the theme that search engines think is related to websites. Keyword building has become the hottest topic in seo, we have already developed an algorithm for distinguishing website themes. Keyword density has become a thing of the past, so many seoer advocates that we should not deliberately set up keyword density below 30%; in addition, the Baidu downgrading algorithm of the previous few degrees focuses on the keyword density.

Setting up intra-site links with multiple main keywords for the website homepage cannot improve the keyword ranking.

Many websites have set up many text links for their main keywords, and the links are directed to the homepage itself; of course, this method was used by the search engine to determine the page with the highest weight, and the link to the home page is still such an algorithm details; the reason why the site homepage does not come first is that the site weight is higher than the homepage weight. Therefore, setting 1-3 keyword links to return to the homepage is the most suitable for the search engine to deeply understand the homepage content. However, from the html code on the homepage of many seo black hat websites, we can also see that many websites have made multiple main keyword links to hide content on the homepage, the text content of these links is not seen on the homepage. The seo method of such a large number of homepage links to the homepage is called black hat (cheating) seo, which has long been regarded as cheating by search engines; once Baidu makes another evaluation of the website, it is likely that the website will be punished.

A large number of "pseudo-original" website content cannot fool search engines

The so-called pseudo-original is the practice of reprinting others' content to modify words or adjust the order in disorder. Of course, the search engine's search and word segmentation system is well developed, for example, after "website pseudo-original to imitate original spoofing search engine" is in disorder, "website spoofing search engine to imitate original pseudo-Original ", humans think about such content based on their own thinking. In short, to cheat the search engine, the search engine splits each phrase into different words. "The website deceives the search engine for pseudo-originality, imitating originality "(or finer splitting) can only deceive the human eye and cannot cheat the search engine no matter how disordered the order is. Pseudo-originality is not desirable for all content that you want to add to your website.

For better seo, many webmasters move from reality to illusion

Seo is an industry where search engines are born. Many webmasters start to write original content for higher ranking keywords and speculate on the occurrence of some things every day, from a real webmaster to an illusory webmaster, former loyal netizens liked the content of a blog to understand the opinions of bloggers on some things, and there are still many successful examples; after research by seoer, writing original content will greatly increase the weight of websites in search engines. Later, it attracted the attention of most webmasters in the seo industry, finally, many webmasters created a lot of seo original tutorials every day to increase the weight of their websites in search engines, for example, "seo is about falling in love with search engines", "using spark to create several seo details", and "Baidu to promote xx websites to force Webmasters", etc, in fact, this is enough to prove that the webmaster has moved to the illusory side to learn seo.


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