The ultimate killer of rogue software, universal extractor [a rogue software guest star is recommended]

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Isn't it annoying to install software now? If it doesn't work all the way down, it will be loaded with hooligans such as 3721, zhongsuo, Internet pig, word search, Baidu souba, etc.

Software Group, Hoho, so software is green! But now programmers are getting increasingly unfriendly, and a few K of tools must first MSI and then RAR the most

After zipping, how can we detach the resources in the setup file setup.exe is a problem that has not been solved for a long time? Although there are n multi-command line tools that can be used for unpack

How many people are willing to input such a large string of commands every time the software is installed? Therefore, foreigners have developed an integrated GUI program that can be used for unpack n.

Multiple EXE installation package formats. This is a small and convenient tool for killing and killing people and traveling at home: Universal extractor,

As the name implies, the universal extractor is a "Universal Extraction Tool ". It can extract almost any type of archive files, whether it is a simple zip

File, or an installer, or even a Windows Installer (. MSI) package, it can easily extract files. Its

Yes, it does not mean to compete with WinRAR and 7-zip. More, it gives us a simple and convenient way ...... With it, the world of software is not

There is a "smile hidden knife"; with it, everyone has a pair of "eye-catching eyes"; with it, whether it is killing people or traveling at home, we all

A little more comfortable; with it ...... (Someone else needs to smoke me ~~ Flash)

Chinese speaker's message:

-- Extract! Extract! Extract! Universal extractor, and universal extractor! Do not give rogue software any chance!

-- Great universal extractor! He inherited the glorious tradition of green software. Peid, 7-zip, and Inno Setup unpacker are included in the soul at this moment! A universal extractor software represents a long history and tradition of Unpack. At this moment it is not a software in battle, it is not a software!

-- The Universal extractor faces this package. It faces unpacker's eyes and expectations all over the world.

-- Rogue software has made a lot of people talk about it. The universal extractor must be aware of this point. Can it still face the package in front of it with a smile? What will his expression look like in 10 seconds?

-- Extraction successful! The competition is over! The universal extractor won the victory and eliminated the installation program of bundled rogue software. It is not in front of rogue software! Great universal extractor! Jared breland, author of the great universal extractor! The Chinese author of the great universal Extractor (Haha, I am so narcissistic )! Long live the universal extractor!

-- Victory belongs to the universal extractor, Jared breland, the Chinese eye-catching folder, The peid, the 7-zip, the Inno Setup unpacker, and all green lovers!

-Rogue software may regret it. They will only attach to other installation programs when there are many people, and some will be confiscated by the red card of anti-virus software. They lose their courage, in the face of the long history and tradition of unpack, they did not come up with the fierce style of the past, they finally had their own fruit. It's time to go home. Goodbye!


Currently, the following installation packages are supported:

7-ZIP Archive . 7z,. exe
Ace Archive . Ace
Arc Archive . Arc
ARJ Archive . ARJ,. exe
Bin/cue CD-ROM Image . Bin,. Cue
Bzip2 Archive . Bz2,. tbz2, .tar.bz2
Cpio compressed file . Cpio
Debian package . Deb
Gzip Archive . GZ,. tgz, .tar.gz
IMG floppy disk image . Img
Inno Setup package . Exe
InstallShield cabinet Archive . Cab
InstallShield package . Exe
Lzh compressed file . Lzh,. LHA
LZW compressed file . Z,. tz,. Tar. Z
Lzo compressed file . Lzo
Microsoft cabinet Archive . Cab,. exe
Microsoft Compiled Help File . CHM
Microsoft compressed file .?? _
Microsoft Windows Help File . HLP
NSIs package . Exe
RAR Archive . Rar,. 001,. exe
RPM package . Rpm
Tar archive . Tar,. tbz2,. tgz,. tz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz,. Tar. Z
Windows installer package . MSI
Wise installer package . Exe
ZIP Archive . Zip,. jar,. xpi,. exe

.?? _ Microsoft compressed file
. 001 RAR Archive
. 7z 7-ZIP Archive
. Ace Ace Archive
. Arc Arc Archive
. ARJ ARJ Archive
. Bin Bin/cue CD-ROM Image
. Bz2 Bzip2 Archive
. Cab InstallShield cabinet archive,
Microsoft cabinet Archive
. CHM Microsoft Compiled Help File
. Cpio Cpio compressed file
. Cue Bin/cue CD-ROM Image
. Deb Debian package
. Exe ARJ self-extracting archive,
Inno Setup package,
InstallShield package,
Microsoft cabinet self-extracting archive,
NSIs package,
RAR self-extracting archive,
Zip self-extracting archive,
Wise installer package
. GZ Gzip Archive
. HLP Microsoft Windows Help File
. Jar ZIP Archive
. Img IMG floppy disk image
. LHA Lzh (Amiga) compressed file
. Lzh Lzh (Amiga) compressed file
. Lzo Lzo compressed file
. MSI Windows installer package
. Rar RAR Archive
. Rpm RPM package
. Tar Tar archive
.Tar.bz2 Bzip2-compressed (TAR archive)
.Tar.gz Gzip-compressed tar archive
. Tar. Z LZW-compressed tar archive
. Tbz2 Bzip2-compressed (TAR archive)
. Tgz Gzip-compressed tar archive
. TZ LZW-compressed tar archive
. Xpi ZIP Archive
. Z LZW compressed file
. Zip ZIP Archive

Download the Chinese version:

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