The ultimate solution for Windows not to have access to shared folders

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In the form of//, such as a UNC path, or when a network neighbor cannot access the host shared folder, the following method is required to resolve the issue:

When you do not have access to the host shared folder through// or a network place, the following method will solve the problem:

1. Turn on the Guest account (guest) on the host. Then set the IP of the two machines in the same network segment.

2. My computer → tools → folder options → view → remove the tick before "Use Simple file Sharing (recommended)"

3. Run-"Enter Secpol.msc", open the Local Security policy-"Enter-" Security settings-"Local strategy-"
"Access this computer from the network" to add the Guest account
and "Deny access to this computer from the network" to remove the Guest account

4. Run-"Enter Secpol.msc", open the Local Security policy-"Enter-" Security settings-"Local policy-" security options--"
Set Network access: Local account sharing and security mode to guest only-local users authenticate as guest (optional, this setting removes the dialog box that requires a password when accessed and, optionally, "classic-local users authenticate as themselves")
Disable "Accounts: local accounts with blank passwords only allow console logons"

5. Right-click on "My Computer" → "Properties" → "computer name", which does not appear on your LAN workgroup name, such as "work" and so on. Then click the Network ID button to start the Network Identification Wizard: Click Next, select "This computer is part of a commercial network, use it to connect to other working computers", click Next, select "The company uses a network that does not have a domain", click the "Next" button, and then enter the workgroup name for your LAN , click the Next button again, and finally click the Finish button to complete the setup and restart.

6. Run-"input" serveics.msc "-" Enter--"
Turn on the Server service
Open Computer Browser service

7. In the network connection properties--"Enable printing and file sharing

In most cases, other than a few 1,2,3,4, the Windows default settings are met! So we have to check the four main items!

The above methods refer to many methods on the internet!

The ultimate solution for Windows not to have access to shared folders

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