The ultimate solution that Google cannot open [Changyou Internet] and google Changyou

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The ultimate solution that Google cannot open [Changyou Internet] and google Changyou

As we all know, tianchao's network is a little amazing. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube (tens of thousands of other websites are omitted here). Such websites do not exist in tianchao (although news feed says ). Some time agoGoogleIt is difficult for programmers, foreign trade practitioners, and scholars to carry out their work. What should I do if Google cannot open it? So apricot was born! The difference between red apricots is:

  • No complicated configuration (GoAgent, I'm talking about you)
  • No need to dial or disconnect frequently (VPN should blushing)
  • When necessary, Ta will play its role without slowing down the access speed of common websites.

There was no road to the treasure of mountains and rivers, and a red apricot came out of the wall. Do you want to try it?


Strong! Try now


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Why can't google open it ??

Because of the harmony! Google can open it occasionally, but it is often unable to connect to search for things. What is it, because our government requires Google to be as harmonious as Baidu, so that you can put whatever content, but Google is not obedient ~~ You know!

The links searched by google cannot be opened. How can this problem be solved?

Either the network problem, the link has been canceled, or the network operator has blocked some websites.

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