The understanding in life

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One of the problems in life is, can people understand each other? Maybe it's all a private look.

This is a very cruel question, if someone in this world suddenly dies (leaving the family first), would it be painful for netizens?

Maybe, this man died or died, and I have no connection. If the person has a good voice, may get a little tears, if it is an official, perhaps netizens will applauded.

No matter what officials, stars, writers, technologists and so on on the stage, he died, leaving only a piece of news, not even news.

Explain what, any feel very important, very influential people, are very vain!

What is this for???


Human compassion only happens to those who are weaker than themselves, and most of the strong are respectful and defiant. Unless it is possible that the strongman is too strong, strong enough to reach the limits of humanity, so that you can only look up, to really convinced, just like Einstein, the type of scientist. But in life, he is only a little taller than you, so everyone is not convinced. Think that as long as the effort, you can do it.


Not understanding in life, causing our nature, the essence is lonely. My hand is bleeding, it hurts, the bystanders will comfort me, but it hurts him not to understand. His son died, and I could not feel the pain.


In addition to their own love, can also expect who can love themselves.


The understanding in life

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