The Unseen City

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Calvino's mind is always full of fancy ideas. It is said that someone has found the structure of other people from his head after his death, and I would rather just believe that it was just a compliment to a great writer who died. But there is no denying that such a yarn is not unfounded, if you have read any of Calvino's novels, I believe you must be in his book The Empty imagination simply astounding.

In the series of our ancestors, the strange-character man walked on every page of the book paper (a viscount divided into two halves, thinking of the Baron living in the tree and a non-existent tin-Shell Knight). Calvino will Italy's Lady Gaga and history melted in a fairy tale world, history on the Wings of imagination, along with the Knights, the ladies, the Grand Man in the distant world gallop, "our ancestors" has become a story of the ancient Italian land on the fairy tale. Then there's the "Crazy Orlando". Orlando the Italian version of the medieval French epic the song of Roland. This medieval poem was a masterpiece of chivalry, filled with the knight's thoughts and feelings prevailing at that time: fidelity to the woman, loyalty to the monarch, faithful to her friend. Calvino his own comments on an ancient poem. Starting with a citation, he was like a war that led the reader into the final world. The next novel began to be difficult to read. "If in the winter night, a traveler" is a fragment, fragments of the narrative stitching into a broken story, no protagonist, no plot, no climax, and "The universe of Funny View," The real heavenly Book, in these novels, the imagination has reached the limit. If you don't have the patience to read them, it will ruin your impression of the novel. There is also a short story "Black Sheep". It is an absurd and bizarre story that metaphors the true nature of the development of human society. It is about a fairy tale, false and unrealistic, which makes it easy to believe that what is happening in it is possible, and then, after reading it, it is possible in reality. I call this novel a instructive novel, which is much more useful than a tome of sociological textbooks.

In many fantastic novels, Calvino's best novel appeared (because I read in different order, so, for me, his novels are published in order according to my reading order). This novel is composed of many chapters, they are not irrelevant, but not very close. At the outset, it illustrates the original architecture of the novel in the first chapter: all chapters depict the city of Marco Polo, from the west, about the Great Khan Kublai Khan, who has seen his journey. Marco, like a Khan, tells him what he sees, sometimes he does not know how to express it, because he does not speak the east, by the gestures and the small stones brought back from those cities, the Baltic monarch unfolds a picture picture. Every city has a beautiful female name, each city is rooted in the precarious land of the empire, each city has their stories, of course, every city does not exist. Trobia: A group of cities, where people are tired of the city they live in, they move collectively to another empty city, and each person engages in a new job, marries a new wife, opens the window and sees the new landscape. In this way, the people of this city are always filled with fresh feelings for new things. Zobel: Some men built her to chase the girl in the dream in order to build walls and trap her on the route that the girl might escape. All the men who were searching for a dream lover came here to build a wall, and a city stood up. There is a city of double life on the surface of the water, in the hanging sky, by the pole building city and so on. Khan is sensible enough to discern the true and false of these cities, but he is immersed in his unreal story as Marco Polo tells us, and so do we. The city of Calvino is a symbol of the world's hidden image. There are reasons for all this existence in the world, and the desire of the people will build the world. The city of Calvino is also a construction product, but unlike reality, the desires of these cities are hidden, like the reflection of the moon in the water on a hazy night, and it is beautiful because of its illusion. God is destined not to let utopia exist in the world, irrational things people will not build, similarly, unreal and ideal people can not be realized. Calvino with these guaranty desires and wills from the rational world to another World (fiction) to build them.

The unseen city is different from other novels, on the one hand is Calvino to explore a novel to become a new path and experiment, so that the novel become a variety of possibilities, on the other hand, in the invisible city we often with the Baltic tell the simple side of the human encounter, will be amazed by the city's incredible simplicity, Ideal: No computational formula, no tube engineering mechanics, building Mechanics, Newton's Law, like God in the Bible says: "If there is light, there is light." Everything is simple, because it is a novel, whether it is Khan or us, as a person to listen to the story, it is not the story is true, but whether it is interesting.

Calvino's father was a gardener and his mother was a botanist. Father wanted him to engage in scientific research, because at that time, science is the way, dedicated to science is great, he said he took the road of literature, is despised by his family. Actually, I don't think so. "Too on the Li, second celebrated, and then meritorious", people died, at most, by the descendants remembered for decades, finally, no one in the world remember your grave. Heroes or Emperors Ming Chen dead, and after a few years can only become a cold study on the subject or the conversation of people's gossip. And the people who celebrated it? Generations, posterity, as long as the world has a book day, people will be able to carry his well-being, his thoughts, as his own principles of the body of the Tao or the motto. People read his book only to feel a special power, which only literature can bring to us. Like a famous quote from Calvino: "I have faith in the future of literature, because I believe there is a kind of feeling that only literature can give to people by its special means."

The Unseen City

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