The unsortedissue occurs when ASP. NET forum is installed.

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Complete solution:
1. Install aspnetforums. Do not install the database.
2. Go to the aspnetforums installation directory, find aspnetforums. SQL, replace all the tokens with chinese_prc_ci_as, and search for the statistics_resettopposters stored procedure. Modify the following statements:
Create Table # top500users (
Rank int identity (1, 1) not null,
Username nvarchar (50)
Create Table # top500users (
Rank int identity (1, 1) not null,
Username nvarchar (50) Collate chinese_prc_ci_as
3. Go to the sqlserver2000 Enterprise Manager and create the database aspnetforums. The sorting rule is chinese_prc_ci_as.
4. use the query analyzer to open aspnetforums. SQL, analyze it first, there are two places missing the Enter key, one is "goif", the other is "goprint", the specific location cannot be remembered, find it, after correction, You can execute the script to create a database.
5. Check whether the database link configuration in Web. config is correct.
6. gogogo, everything is OK ~~~~

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