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The U.S. House of Representatives Health Energy and Commerce subcommittee received a statement yesterday from Scott Gottlieb, a doctor of medicine from the American Enterprise Institute (American Enterprise Institute), which is a solution to the medical field, To increase patient insurance options and some innovative solutions, the statement shows that the block chain is used to build the next generation computing infrastructure.

The U.S. House of Representatives notes the application of block chains in the medical field

Scott Gottlieb

Scott Gottlieb, a doctor and resident at the American Enterprise Institute, yesterday provided a supporting document for the House of Representatives in the United States, which explains the difficulties facing the medical sector in the 12-page document.

In recent years we have seen a rising cost of health insurance, while the range of commercial health insurance that consumers can choose is shrinking. More and more health insurance uses narrow supplier networks and closed drug prescriptions to reduce costs, although the market's competitiveness has been reduced overall.

The authors explain the current state of health care, mainly by focusing on slowing the development of the health insurance market and the increasing number of high-quality and affordable insurance options.

Eventually, someone might conceive of such a system:

In a large and well-run insurance system, consumers have to bear higher costs and are now able to automatically coordinate part of the compensation (at the time of registration), which contrasts with the high cost. In addition, the system can even provide bonuses in the area of health insurance to recruit employees and actively manage their health, while also reducing the costs associated with them.

The proposed insurance system can be developed through block-chain technology, and the authors explain that such systems should be identified or anonymous, because the data on the system can be used to speculate or determine the underlying medical condition, which is based on subsidies and trading volume.

The medical and insurance industry may be the industry that benefits from implementing or developing block-chain solutions, not long ago the Dutch Royal Philips Technology Division Philips Healthcare announced the launch of the Block chain Research Laboratory.

The U.S. House of Representatives notes the application of block chains in the medical field
Arno Laeven

At that time, Arno Laeven, director of the Philips block chain Laboratory, said:

"If a company wants to innovate, it needs to constantly develop emerging technologies and the applications of these technologies that could have an impact on these areas." ”
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