The USB flash drive cannot "safely delete Hardware" _ what should I do?

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The USB flash drive cannot "safely delete Hardware". What should I do?

In this case, can I forcibly unplug the USB flash drive? Of course not! In this case, if you forcibly remove the USB flash drive, it is easy to damage the USB port of the computer or your USB flash drive. If you have important information on your USB flash drive, it is likely to be destroyed. So what should we do?

Here I will write several common solutions to help you.

Method 1 (recommended ):

When we extract the files or data from the USB flash drive, we always use the "copy" and "Paste" method. If we copy files on the USB flash drive, this file will be stored in the system clipboard and is in the waiting state. In this case, if we want to delete the USB flash drive, the above prompt cannot stop the USB flash drive will appear.

The corresponding solution is: Clear your clipboard, or copy and paste a file on your hard disk. Then you can delete the USB flash drive prompt, check whether the deletion is successful?

Method 2:

If you think the above method is still invalid, you can use the following method:

Press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination on the keyboard. The "Task Manager" window appears. Click the "process" tab, find the "rundll32.exe" Process in "image name", select the "rundll32.exe" process, and click "End Process". A Task Manager warning is displayed, asking if you want to disable the process, click "yes" to disable the "rundll32.exe" process. You can delete the USB flash drive.

When using this method, note that if multiple "rundll32.exe" processes exist, you need to disable all the "rundll32.exe" processes.

Method 3:

This method also uses the task manager and press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination on the keyboard. In the "Task Manager" window, click "process ", find "Explorer. EXE "process and end it. At this time, you will find that your desktop is gone. Please do not panic. Continue with the following operations. In the task manager, click "file"> "Create task"> enter explorer. EXE -- OK. Delete the USB flash disk and you will find that it can be safely deleted.

Method 4:

This method is the simplest, but most time-consuming, that is, restarting your computer.

If the problem is solved only when the problem occurs, you can take the following preventive measures:

Disable system preview.

Method: Double-click my computer-tools-Folder Options-General-tasks-use Windows traditional style folders, and then click OK. This is done once and for all.

TIPS: at present, some USB flash drives are in place, and some USB flash drives can be directly plugged in or out. However, no matter how good the USB flash drive is, there is a time when it cannot be directly plugged in or out, that is, carefully look at the red light of your USB flash drive, when the light is flashing, it indicates that the data is constantly being read and written. At this time, it cannot be pulled out. Otherwise, the light will damage the data and the USB flash drive will be decommissioned.

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