The use method of eggplant fast transmission

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1, if the Android device (Android version) to the Apple device (iOS version) to transfer files, you need to find the lowest end of the software to create hot features, software will be the start of hot spots, Apple devices as long as the connection to the network can be.

2. If you use an Apple device to transfer files to an Android device, you need to first add the same wireless network as an Android device. Here to explain, at this time the mobile phone does not open mobile network, open hot is not the flow of consumption.

3, open 5 C on the eggplant quickly and click "I want to send", and then select the file you want to send, whether it is contact person, photos, music, video and what to preach what! Let's start with a smaller picture. Selected finished click on the upper right corner of the "selected", the software will automatically find the receiving cell phone, as long as the click can be sent. At this time the receiver's phone to select "I want to receive", once the file is found to automatically transfer without confirmation.

4, if only a small volume of documents, eggplant fast transmission can meet the needs, what data lines, U disk are all sidelined, in the mobile phone installed a compact eggplant fast transmission can be.

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