The use of all-round video converter for the Beaver Nest

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Guide: In the video domain Almighty Video converter, will be your handheld equipment essential tools, and completely free. It should be good news for users who prefer to watch video on mobile phones, PSP or other handheld devices. No longer worry about the format conversion of the video, of course, the Universal Video Converter also has some bad places, for example, currently does not support the FLV format conversion, which for many users, is a great regret, because the current popular online video is almost all in the FLV format video files, It may be disappointing to play the online video in the palm of your hand, or look for other tools.

1. installation files:

Software download complete, first double-click to start running Setup, follow the installation interface prompts, step-by-step operation can be, the specific steps are as follows:

2. Operational aspects:

1, open "universal Video Converter", will appear in the following image of the interface, first select what you want to transform the format of the file format, in the following output format, prefabrication scheme, output path, and other menu selection appropriate.

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