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Use BibTeX as the reference format Management library for the Latex document reference.

Action steps are as follows:

Step1: Create BibTeX file;

Create a new TXT file, change the suffix name to bib, that is, created a BibTeX reference library, such as the BibTeX library created by the name: Ref.bib.

STEP2: Add the content of the quoted article;

Copy the contents of the BibTeX format of the document to be referenced in the Ref.bib; the BibTeX contents of a document to be cited are as follows:

@Inbook {Wille1982,
author= "Wille, Rudolf",
editor= "rival, Ivan",
title= "Restructuring lattice theory: An approach Based on hierarchies of Concepts ",
booktitle=" Ordered sets:proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institu Te held at Banff, Canada, August to September, 1981 ",
year=" 1982 ",
publisher=" Springer Netherlands ",
AD Dress= "Dordrecht",
pages= "445--470",
isbn= "978-94-009-7798-3",
doi= "10.1007/978-94-009-7798-3_15" ",
url=" Http:// "

STEP3: Add cite package to the Latex document;

Add a package reference to the Latex document: \usepackage{cite}.

STEP4: Adding a reference configuration;

To add a reference to the BibTeX library in the Latex document, where to display the reference, add the following:


The \bibliography{ref} command is used to specify a. Bib library that was previously generated.

Where \bibliographystyle{plain} Specifies how the reference is rendered, and there are 8 options available for common preset styles, respectively:

1. Plain, in alphabetical order, comparative order for author, year and title;
2. UNSRT, style with plain, just according to the Order of reference;
3. Alpha, with the author's first letter + year after the two digits as a label, sorted in alphabetical order;
4. ABBRV, similar to plain, the month of the whole spell to abbreviation, more compact;
5. IEEETR, International Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers journal style;
6. ACM, American Computer Society journal Style;
7. Siam, Journal of the American Society of Industrial and Applied mathematics;
8. Apalike, journal style of the American Psychological Society;

STEP5: adding references;

To add a reference to the text, the reference format is as follows:


The contents of the curly braces are the first line of the reference format of the relevant literature.

STEP6: The process of producing PDF;

1. Compile latex documents with latex;

2. Compile bib documents with BibTeX;

3. Compile the latex document with Latex;

4. View PDFs through Dvipdf.

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