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The use of computer friends more and more, computer enthusiasts novice friends encounter computer problems are strange, in fact, most of the problem is simply a problem, but because the novice friend did not contact, so the most basic computer skills may not be, recently 2 consecutive netizens asked edit notebook keypad how to open? or notebook keypad how to shut down and so on, in fact, these operations in the computer use instructions in general will be introduced in detail, many friends bought a computer, always like the most introductory instructions to abandon, leading to a large number of basic problems, half a day also do not understand, The following article mainly for the novice friend to introduce how to open a notebook keypad and notebook keypad How to close the introduction of knowledge.

In fact, the need to use the numeric keypad is not much, plus the top of the notebook keyboard already has a number of keys, but many friends are accustomed to the previous large keyboard digital keypad, so also want to use in the notebook, we know that the notebook keyboard is also a digital keypad, but because the editing of the keyboard area is limited, You can only combine the numeric keypad with the letter keys. In general, we can see the notebook keyboard near the right Entel key near the keyboard is generally marked with letters and numbers, these are the combination of numeric keys and letters, which are displayed by default, but can be switched to the numeric keypad by pressing the NUM LK key at the top of the notebook keyboard. Press the NUM LK key again to toggle the letter key mode. The following figure:

How to open the notebook keypad? Notebook Digital Keypad toggle button

Many novice friends in the use of notebooks often accidentally press Num LK Key will be integrated letter switch to the number, and then typing is not always correct on the very anxious, thinking that the laptop keyboard bad, this situation I encountered a lot more. In addition to desktop computers, some novice friends found that the digital keypad on the right does not use most of the digital keyboard is not open, the following figure:

How to open the computer digital keypad

General desktop keyboard, by default, the digital keypad on the right can be used directly, but there are also users accidentally press "Num Lock" Numeric keypad switch to turn off the keyboard, so the numeric keypad will not open, the method is to switch back again. I have encountered a computer due to system problems caused by the keyboard every time the keypad is turned off by default, each need to go to press the switch key, the solution can be used to modify the registry to solve, open Registry Editor, navigate to the "Hkey_current_usercontrol Panelkeyboard ", find the" InitialKeyboardIndicators "subkey, change its value to" 2 ", and then restart the computer, you will find that the computer has turned on the keypad automatically.

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