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The new version of Will_paginate has abandoned this practice, instead of using the gem approach, this article through the establishment of a foobar application to understand the use of will_paginate.


C:\>rails foobar-d MySQL

C:\>CD Foobar

C:\foobar>ruby script/generate Scaffold Article title:string Content:text

Set up the database at this point (C:\foobar\config\database.yml) and make sure that the database is established.

C:\foobar>rake db:migrate

C:\foobar>ruby Script/server

At this point, http://localhost:3000/articles can browse, add some data (such as 10), prepare for pagination.


The plugin version of the old Will_paginate does not have to be loaded explicitly in the Rails program, because rails automatically executes the init.rb file in the plugin directory when it starts, and the new Will_pagiante is in gem form, and there is no such mechanism. So it needs to be loaded explicitly in the Rails program:

Config.gem ' Mislav-will_paginate ',: Version => ' ~> 2.3.2 ',: Lib => ' Will_paginate ',
: Source => ' '

At this point, restart the Webrick, and then execute the following command to install the appropriate gem:

C:\foobar>rake Gems:install

The installation is complete.

Modify the controller's index method, plus code similar to the following:

@articles = Article.paginate:p Age => params[:p age],:p er_page => 2

Modify the corresponding template file, plus code similar to the following:

# C:\foobar\app\views\articles\index.html.erb
<%= will_paginate @articles%>

Restart the Webrick again, and then browse to see the paging effect.


Will_paginate's latest document: Http://
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