The use of the Python programming tool pycharm

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As the saying goes 工欲善其事 its prerequisite, so for programmers, the use of Python programming must have a powerful Python programming tool, this tool is pycharm.

Pycharm is a Python IDE with a complete set of tools to help users improve their efficiency when developing with the Python language, such as debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code jumps, smart tips, AutoComplete, unit tests, versioning. In addition, the IDE provides advanced features to support professional web development under the Django framework. Of course Pycharm is charged (find a way to solve it yourself)


Preferred as a programmer, do not recommend the use of Chinese version, a programmer must have a certain degree of English reading ability, after all, most of the official documents are English, and when we encounter problems, as far as possible to use Google instead of Baidu search.

Because I use a Mac system, so simply introduce the use of Pycharm on the Mac, as for the vast number of Linux and Windows system users, there may be some subtle differences, but since the same software is certainly comprehend by analogy.


As you can see now, I now have two Python projects, namely python2.x and python3.x, and now we're creating a new project

Now we find that when we create a new project, we will fill in the project name and the Python version used

When we are finished, we will store the corresponding information in the corresponding path of our pycharm.

Set up usage templates for Python scripts

Select System Preferences

Find the corresponding location, set up the app, and you can start programming now. Of course, I was just using pycharm not long, a lot of deeper use, you need to explore.


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The use of the Python programming tool pycharm

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