The use of Thunderbolt portable skills

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Now have the Thunderbolt Walkman, we can put their own commonly used installed tools to the Thunderbolt, at any time to download the use of a comprehensive upgrade work efficiency!

Step one: Log in the Thunder member

To use a carry-on, you must be a member of the Thunderbolt. Here are two ways to help you upgrade to a member: 1. If there is a Thunder account: Open the browser (ie or IE kernel browser), and then click here. After that, enter Reyou's account number and password, and follow the wizard to upgrade to a member.

The member opens the payment channel to be many, moreover is very safe, buys the member service more, also may have the more preferential treatment (like Figure 1); 2. If there is no Reyou account number, you can

To register Reyou and then click here to use the method to upgrade to a member.

Figure 1 Upgrading Reyou to member users

Tips: To upgrade to the Thunderbolt members can also enjoy more benefits, such as the realization of shielding off advertising, for members to accelerate the practical functions. After that, we can be in the Thunderbolt 7 main interface in the upper left corner of the Thunder member login.

Step two: Download the appropriate resources

Next, we can use the Thunder 7来 to download the small software which oneself uses. Because is the Thunder member, therefore may use the high speed Channel and the off-line downloading to speed up the downloading.

Step three: Collect the corresponding resources

When we have downloaded the resource, select the resource you want to collect in "downloaded" and see a small icon (Figure 2). After you click, you can see the window shown in Figure 3 and click the "Back Up Now" button to complete the collection of resources.

Figure 2 Preparing the collection resource

Figure 3 Collecting resources

Fourth step: Download resources to use directly

No matter where in the future, just download and install the latest version of Thunderbolt 7, and then use the Thunderbolt member login. Then click on the left of the "remote Service" → "portable" → "backup task", you can see our collection of resources. Double-click the appropriate resource or right-click, and select the download command to download it locally (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Downloading Resources

Fifth step: Downloading resources from a Web page

In addition to the Thunder 7 main interface Download resources, we can also click here, login to the Thunderbolt members, you can "backup storage space" under the backup of our resources. Select them and click the download button above to download it (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Downloading resources from a Web page

Small Tips

Backup storage space By default only 1GB size, if the space is not enough, you can click the "Add" button on the right of Figure 4, directly open the appropriate page to recharge, increase space size.

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