The version down from SVN has various problems during native boot

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Big aunt came when people more irritable, almost fell my computer, fortunately pain timely, no strength.

Yesterday just down from the SVN project source code, the beginning of various errors.

1,pom.xml file errors,

Add a plugin to the MAVEN repository

2. Service does not come, reason

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.unsupportedclassversionerror:org/apdplat/word/analysis/textsimilarity: Unsupported Major.minor version 52.0

This is more bitter force, the beginning asked, found that we are not familiar with this, Jfinaluib-v2-maven, know this is to give me a few suggestions, JDK version is different, but left to look at the right look under the eye, eyes are blind, did not see where not the same, are 1.7 ah. I felt I needed to be quiet, so I went to the ground and looked at the basics of Java for fun. Go to work quickly thinking to ask the big God, do not buckle this, wasting time, go back to bed at night when I took the total, the big God and I where, technical knowledge is one hand, but how can I guarantee 3 years later I am also the great God, or habit. That also did not prevent me to hug thigh's determination, this morning to work, see the Big God did not come, search again a search this question, really, also really met!

Problem key point: Jfinaluib-v2-maven This version, it is compared with some previous changes:

Upgrade jfinal to 2.0, replace UI, based on MAVEN constructs, project code has minor tweaks,jdk8

Look, the problem comes out, jdk8,nnd, has been in the search for anomalies, who would think of this ah, or knowledge is not wide, and now jfinaluib the book is not, on a book, also charge 40 +, a meal can only chew two steamed bread, where the whole money ah, in the final analysis, or poor, poor can only eat soil, Just want to spend money in a more valuable place.

There is nothing to say, update the JDK, it is not, eclipse version is not, even more, MAVEN, SVN, re-build the environment is not too tired.

3. This time finally started, landing page also works, and now began to study Jfinaluib bar.

I hope tomorrow I will not be so irritable! May my aunt be gentle with me!

The version down from SVN has various problems during native boot

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