The vi command is actually sexy.

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The vi command is actually sexy-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. In the 7 Habits of using the editor efficiently, moonlear often finds the correct input position in the text instead of the input. Therefore, it is very important to quickly move in the text. It can help you quickly locate the place you want to edit.

When editing the system configuration file, you sometimes need to search to see if the configuration file has the statements you want to set.

/Pettern search backward from the cursor

? Pettern search forward from cursor

N find the next

N search for the previous one

From these four commands, do you see the beauty of the vi command?

I remember someone said that if vi is a simple lover, then emacs is a sexy lover.

I have no in-depth understanding of emacs. I will do it in the future.

Vi must be learned and used in system configuration. Fast and efficient, Swiss Army knife.
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