The vmwarevm prompts that the solution for files such as vmnetbridge. dll and vmnet. sys cannot be found.

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Some time ago I installed a lite version of vmware. After several times, I encountered a fault and checked it online. It was said that the full version was fun and stable. If you have uninstalled the lite version and installed the complete installation version, the result is disappointing and the speed is slow. Even some necessary drivers for installing and starting the system cannot be completed by yourself, it seems that external hardware calls are required, which is quite unsightly. So I decided to reinstall the lite version.

However, after the installation, it is found that the bridge network cannot be started!

The message is that the vmnetbridge. dll file has been lost and you can find it online. If you do not have the correct answer, you can only "develop" it yourself.

After searching for a long time, I found that the original file path changed the default relationship because the full version was installed. In fact, there are already a few bridge files in your system! It's just a path issue.


The solution is as follows:

When the vmnetbridge. dll file cannot be found, select the path to the C: \ WINDOWS \ inf folder in the browser below. Several files such as vmnet. sys will appear in that folder. It seems that the default path is used.

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