The way of Looking back: The method of construction northeast Normal University station 2016 spring semester

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1. Antecedent

Microsoft Xin Zou Teacher, "The Law of Construction: Modern Software Engineering" [HTTPS://BOOK.DOUBAN.COM/SUBJECT/26577755/]. First edition before, I do not know Zou teacher is who, on the internet once saw someone quoted his point of view, feel that it is too reasonable, a pat thigh feeling. He mentions, for example, that teachers and students should be the relationship between a fitness instructor and a student, not a teacher who leads a student to visit, or a relationship between a prison guard and a prisoner. For example, he criticized the software engineering teaching without code quantity. "The Law of construction" hand, the first time rough time I spent a week, hearty. Lots of places for you to shoot your thighs again, "Yes, that's the crux of the problem. "After that, I highly recommend reading to my several students. It seems that the bright elder brother looked, other classmates also did not pay much attention, although I rarely recommended to read which book, afraid of recommending more is not worth.

Xin Zou is Microsoft's chief research and development manager, Beijing University, Tsinghua, Beihang and other use of the "construction of the Law" as a textbook. On the one hand, the authority, on the other hand, also made me timid in small schools. Once in the group of seedlings editor, he has the intention to promote the "construction of the Law" and "learning by doing" of the software engineering teaching ideas in not so particularly good schools to promote, immediately yearn. I think of a lot of novels described in the Cultural Revolution period casually so few hero young, can understand the chorus, can close the door to discuss Voltaire and Rousseau. The progress of the times, let us have the opportunity to live in a corner to talk with the world, we should fully enjoy the more fortunate than then conditions. But I failed the course that semester. Xin Zou Teacher later recruit remote assistant to participate in the teaching of other schools, I also apply very much, but estimate their time and energy is not enough to make the commitment of workload, had to give up, very pity for a long time.

This semester has the opportunity to set up the course "software project management", hurriedly asked the students choose me to choose me, to reach the limit, finally classes.

2. Some data on the course

March 4, 2016 13:30:00 computer building 320 Classroom, Xiayi classmate [] in his last technical blog clearly recalled the time and place. In fact, he recalled the wrong, the first class because of the conflict, temporarily changed to the second floor of the micro-classroom, the future course is in 320 classrooms, but time is not wrong.

From March 4 onwards, the course lasts for 12 weeks.

Select class time to register XX students. This number is not important and is limited to the number of classes. Here are some students do not want grades and credits, just help me to start classes. Thank.

The actual participation of 21 students, adhere to the end of 17 people. Give up the classmate, some in the first course after the e-mail notify me, as long as the results, do not want to participate in the project practice; There are students trying to open a blog this step, and then give up; there are students more than this effort a little more, sent one or two blog. Chicken soup saying: So the failure has one thing in common, is to insist on not long enough. Perhaps we can directly see the benefits are too little, perhaps we can make too many choices, perhaps as Liu Weixian classmate said, lack of coercive measures. There are classmates at the end of the term of the speech mentioned, if you can have another chance, if you could re-open this lesson, and so on. To tell the truth, this life let go of people, I do not believe that the afterlife will be more cherish.

Of the 17 students who insisted on the end, there were three auditors. They are not registered, they do not have credit, but they have excellent grades. One of my former students, she is now a teacher, but also as a Xin Zou teacher this semester, a long-distance teaching assistant, named Zheng; one is now a graduate student, but he did not choose class, Bright elder brother, one is the undergraduate third grade classmate, name ran Hua, he once participated in the project of Liang elder brother. Zheng and Liang Brother's achievements are the best of the list, ran Hua students independently completed a 10-day cumulative 46.05 hours of the small project "H3C convergence layer Switch authentication online number display system." This tells us the subjective will of the people and the power to follow the heart.

All the students published a total of 254 technical blogs, more than 1 per person a week. The teacher released 21 articles, about 2 articles a week, one of which is the focus of the week's work and updated reviews, the other is the work of the week's results.

At the beginning of the 3rd week, all the students formed 4 teams, each group about 4 students. Of these, 3 teams came to the end and 1 teams began to disintegrate after Alpha was released. The disintegration of the team, there are 1 students to join other teams, the other 2 students remain Free State.

Publish the project to the team, the end of the semester released a total of 5 total 3 kinds. 3 Kinds of items are responder, bookkeeping, arithmetic online, respectively, from the tear-resistant team, Onezero team, explosion team. After a real beta release in the semester, each team chooses to fork a project from another team and adds functionality within two weeks, competing with the source team to develop, which requires each team to eventually release 2 projects. At the end of the semester, the responder, Bookkeeping Ledger has 2 teams released branch, arithmetic online 1 branch, a total of 5. The reason for this is that northeast Normal University did not accumulate the code for the training maintenance phase before the north, to fork other teams to implement part of the Xin Zou teacher mentioned: Write 10,000 lines of code, in other people's 100,000 lines of code happy run.

All technical blogs and codes can be found through the teacher blog [].

In the 2nd week of the course, Zheng students set up the East Division software engineering group. But unlike the "building law" of other colleges and universities of different groups, the group of Northeast Normal University basically no one to speak, the teacher temporarily modified to increase the work or review, also not very responsive. I personally do not like to be collectively notified or told in the "group", and then choose whether they are related to themselves. This feeling of being organized is not good. I was worried about how my classmates felt, and went into prison guards ' prisoner mode, so I was quiet in the crowd. Northeast Normal University group finally everyone chose the real name (and the number of people so little easy to human flesh out of it), it is said that some colleges and universities are anonymous, there are students published to teachers and/or teaching assistants dissatisfaction. This is also a reason why we are not say anything. Also, perhaps because of employment is too easy, it seems that no matter what does not have any positive or negative impact on employment, Northeast Normal University's classmates seem to have always been high cold ... I'm used to it.

3. Course

1th Week and 2nd week, basic knowledge and chicken soup. Knowledge is not an important part, let alone a student at the graduate level. Often, we know, but not do. More importantly, pour in chicken soup. Students usually have no strong motivation to study software engineering. Their enthusiasm generally ends with a warm expression of desire, or a non-verbal awareness of the importance of subjects, and sometimes praise of teachers. However, it only ends here. The first round of work will burn their seemingly flaming little flames, and then they will say, "In fact, so important, in fact, not so eager", with so two words this degree of adverb to deny their "beginner's mind" when really good excuse. Chicken soup is medicine, can't stop. Before and after the real beta release, the teacher said, there will be no more chicken soup. At that time, the students were struggling to cope with the workload they had never seen before. At the same time, teachers to students can not even negative response is disappointed, Xin Zou teacher and seedlings editor of Chicken soup is not enough to replenish the vitality of the weekly cutoff time of Wednesday 24 o'clock in the evening Shousui and then you did not submit the job is very disappointed. I feel that you do not want us to do what you claim to do together, and you do not think that I will stick to the promise and that you do not keep the promise of indignation and despair. I gave up at this time, when you announced your abandonment with action. Many years ago, I used more intense wording to write a letter to the students, to the effect that we are not because of emotion to come together, but because of the common purpose, you do not insist, is betrayal, I will not detain. I will now smile and say to the whole class, "I love you, my classmates, from the heart, and you really are so different from each other". However, I am no different.

From the 3rd week onwards, the team, team project introduction. Two weeks scrum, requires a daily stand-up meeting and conference report as a technical blog, with a total of 10 articles per team. But it's just a request and a wish. Many students at this time did not realize that I was in the first class of chicken soup, "just work students often think there are 60 points this file, in fact, that is not there, only 0 points or pass the work." "As long as you do not meet the requirements, you touch the bottom line, 0 points." More than the deadline, the requirements of the project has not been completed, the indicators are not up to the requirements, the requirements of the pair did not do, the requirements of non-evaluation, are 0 points differential evaluation. In the work, we are such a step by step loss of trust, if occasionally wrong, the timing is also such a step by step to win trust, if you meet the requirements every time. A classmate asked me, in the work if do not good, will be criticized AH. No, mature superiors never criticize you, will only reduce your workload, and less, until the transfer dismissal. And doing well, will constantly criticized to ask for better, and then a promotion, to undertake more important and more terrible work.

After two weeks of scrum, Alpha is released for delivery. Before the bright elder brother creatively gave a release spoiler, the introduction will release the thing, brief function. Since then, the play into the standard requirements. After Alpha was released, each group had 1 students leave the original group and join the new team. Alpha requires real user reviews, and 4 teams have only 2 user reviews, not detailed or serious. Not up to the requirements, and teachers do not dare to seriously request, are step by step, like decay, is slow to start. Have a day not to breathe, later can not breathe, a year do not contact old friends, he is no longer an old friend, one time not to follow the rules over the requirements, the future is no longer the perfect realization-many people give up, although not perfect also better than give up again.

Northeast Normal University's scrim and Alpha were earlier than the 16-week program of the "Building law" because of the fact that it was possible to end the course earlier than 16 weeks, assuming that students had a better foundation for software engineering courses and therefore reduced the amount of theoretical teaching.

Alpha is published as expected by other universities and Xin Zou teachers in the Building Act (which is often the case), students overestimate the amount of work they are likely to output, have too much ambition, but are incapable of achieving it. So after the release of Alpha, the students tend to be realistic and conservative, only one or two a week to achieve a small workload function, I even doubt that everyone began to reduce the time to invest.

When 4 weeks passed, two pieces of the leading shirt were awarded to the two students who had the most outstanding results. They are Zheng and Liu Weixian [] respectively.

Another two weeks of scrum, daily stand-up meetings and reports, and then beta release. Also included in this two-week review for Alpha release. Given that graduate students have more free time to dominate, this is a week of a special alpha review than the "Building law". After two weeks of scrum, the plan was a beta release, but the teams didn't do what beta meant by "public testing", there was no real user, and the functionality didn't make much headway.

Teachers say the release of the pseudo-beta release (because there is no real user), ask for another two weeks of scrum, add functionality to find real users, and then really beta release. During this time the teacher according to school requirements travel 1.5 weeks, on the internet to read the homework, but because of visual reasons can not be reviewed, really beta released by the brother of the host. During this period Zheng mentioned that one week of work was "out of control", while others did not mention that the teachers thought it was a common phenomenon. The students began to hate or ignore the curriculum requirements, the workload was overwhelmed, and to maintain the existing code and increase the functionality of greater pressure. Although you are enjoying the look in your final review, I think it is mostly a military-like Stockholm effect. We should not like the pain of training, we just like the result of training. The reason is so painful, because the previous accumulation is too poor-like the online jokes, the final study of the difficulty of the assault, depending on whether you are reviewing or preview. In such a course, but also accumulate programming experience, but also learn engineering theory, but also practice. Well, since the nobles need three generations to accumulate, then we continue to be slaves.

Final release at the end of 12th week. Ask all the students who need the grade to attend, the only one day of the semester not to accept the leave. I have a classmate call me, there really is a very good reason for lack of learning, I expressed my understanding, but also asked him to understand that I can not accept the reasons for leave.

At the final release, 4 pieces of yellow shirts were awarded to
Particularly able to combat Zigaliang [],
Dedicated Xiayi [],
Can entrust the Cheng Lin [],
The Tide Sunart [].

The performance accounting, needs according to the school request, the work and the final paper all must hand in the paper quality goods. Specific I asked for technical blog printing, final paper printing, code I compromise a bit, give the code snippet and.

Finally, enter Xin Zou teacher said "Zhuge Liang meeting" time, will team review, teacher also review. During this period, the former graduates are working in Shanghai Lee Yuang to the tear-resistant team code review, so that the already silent tear-resistant team members inside again waves. The course has the end of the day, the quest does not stop when, often looking back to the road, to progress.

4. Aid

Xin Zou teacher took out his own fee to recruit remote teaching assistants, to provide help for the universities. Such a practice is not lame, code and writing a large amount of courses, the need for teaching assistants to give students timely and adequate feedback to be carried out, and the university mechanism decision is difficult to implement. Xin Zou's self-pay, and the attractiveness of the course itself, are well-experienced engineers who have undertaken teaching assistants. The TA has certainly paid a lot of time, to know that almost every line of code, every line of text, the TA has been audited. Just, maybe the ability, perhaps the energy, and, more importantly, the timing, the TA did not point out every detail of the student's mistakes. I did not apply for teaching assistants this semester, because know that the results of accounting methods and teaching level are not necessarily guaranteed to meet the Xin Zou Teacher's design intentions, so I am a teacher and teaching assistants. From my students only 17 people, still feel the workload is very large. Every time I reply and comment on the technical blog, it takes 1-2 hours. Later had to split into a few paragraphs, pick free time and have a PC when processing. A lot of hours, usually a whole afternoon, more than half a night. New Baole teacher and Zheng teacher were teaching assistants respectively, they also mentioned that the workload is huge. I know there's a magic dragon in the work of the TA. Although I did not apply for teaching assistants, I also learned a lot from the teaching assistants, including not limited to tools, methods, students ' status quo. Thank you, TA.

Xin Zou teacher and seedlings editor to provide the leading yellow shirt, really let the students excited a. From the "official" of the visible affirmation, is still the students to pursue the important goals and strong motivation.

Many students of the technical blog, Xin Zou Teacher also give comments or suggestions. His comments and suggestions were never general, but misses. On the one hand, I feel Xin Zou teacher at the same time reviews so many colleges and students, as teachers I can learn a lot, be grateful. On the other hand, I had a private exchange with Zheng, we reviewed an article need more than half an hour, and Zou teacher only need eight or nine minutes, the quality is higher than we. The difference between the so-called Master and rookie, they make less mistakes, they are more efficient. It's lucky for us to see Gaoshanyangzhi with our own eyes.

In addition to Xin Zou teacher, there are several experts also participated in the review. They are [email protected] Liuyuan (Yu Yu), Lee Yuang, invalid nickname (from Ali's former classmates). Several jointly identified a particularly important issue, code specifications and documentation specifications. This is not only a student's problem, but also a teacher's problem. If there is a next course, I will pay attention to the improvement. Thank you. [Email protected] Liuyuan on the specification of the specific recommendations, document templates. This point my heart still doubts, for the student's initiative training and appropriate guidance, I still hesitate between, at this time with the Xin Zou teacher to provide the teaching auxiliary materials prevail. Thank you, everyone.

In order to be able to get the comments from outside experts, I am in the teaching assistants and the construction of the Law Group, every week to publish ads, solicit guidance and encouragement. Later I did not dare to continue to publish the news, because the students do really make me ashamed. As I said in class, everything is public, code bare in front of everyone, Northeast Normal University and your personal ability, whether you will be despised by others, no matter how patriotic and loving school you are, it is true. Respect is not obtained by supplication and concealment, but by strength.

In teaching, I also got the help of Niu Bao Le teacher, he recommended and provided me with the Magic Dragon Dr. Developed tools, the Excel format to convert files into markdown format. I use this tool to deal with the weekly results and the basis for the score calculation. Very effective, saving a lot of time. Thank you for two bit.

Two auditors, Zheng and Zigaliang, become the backbone of the whole class and team, in driving other students above played a great role, let me rest assured that a lot. Thank you.

5. Teaching Content

Engineering. Starting from the 2nd session, the teacher continued to emphasize that this is an engineering course, not a programming course. Programming experience for the results of the project played a very critical role, this point from the role of the tear-resistant team, Liu Weixian Change group immediately after breaking through the Onezero team's key technical issues (database connection and operation), Sunart joined the team after the Storm team back to the dead can be circumstantial evidence. But beyond the programming experience of engineering ideas, is the focus of this course teaching. Many students expressed their understanding of the importance of engineering control during the semester or at the end of their studies, but the teachers did not confirm how much sincerity this expression was, and how many wishes they could implement.

In order to strengthen the experience of the project (and reduce the technical risk), teachers must not use the technology needed to explore, can only use the technology now mastered. Direct requirements without discussion prohibit the use of Hadoop in the statistical text of the word frequency, and prohibit the use of some kind of framework. Teachers have been worried, in case the students will only do the console program, even the GUI and the Web front-end can not be done, then the effect of the product how miserable. Xin Zou teacher taught me (to this effect) said, that is the gap between desire and ability is too big, or can come out what do what-do not come, light think is useless, release is the hard truth.

Or to reinforce the engineering experience, the teacher emphasizes the boundary in particular several times, and again invokes the boundary in the demand analysis, function list, and scrum. A boundary is a system separated from the outside world is also a connection, is allowed to invoke the interface specification, a set of supported functions, the use case driven specifies the beginning of the entire project, is also the basis for denial of service.

Estimates and measures. For time (PSP), Workload (technical blog Word accumulation, code line accumulation, progress bar) measurement requirements, the estimated time (estimated) requirements. Ran Hua's project was directly directed by teachers in time and workload estimates, and his progress (at least) was obvious. Engineering thought requires all the effects to be observable, and all guesses (models) are verifiable. The experimental experience of the computer department is far from enough, "I guess" and not verification is still often present.

The above two points, is not limited to the software scope of the general engineering ideas, is the focus of teaching. Teachers believe that the Chinese software Engineering course [HTTPS://BOOK.DOUBAN.COM/SUBJECT/1653554/] in the perspective of the view (the main idea), the difference between software engineering and general engineering is much smaller than we usually think, should first notice that it is engineering, The second is software-related.

Pair programming. To some extent, the problem of weak programming foundation of some students is solved, but the implementation is not sustainable. After the implementation of a period, the students to time, location, the teacher deployed a large amount of work and other reasons to start stall. The students ' respect for knowledge and contempt for training will be discussed later. As the team project began to show the group Reciew and group programming together, the teacher did not insist on the pair report.

Specification, document typesetting, Word and sentence, variable naming. These were mentioned earlier, and assignments were scheduled, but under the pressure of the time-driven team project, both teachers and students gave up the requirements for the specification.

Version control. Request to use GitHub. After the start of the team project, the students complained about the status quo and responsiveness of the network and gave up using GitHub, but the habit of versioning was preserved.

Technology blog. The request was posted on Cnblogs. Some of the students complained but all obeyed. It is also a lesson to be an engineer to follow a superior request that is not necessarily optimal but is not obviously stupid. Hope that the students can have a harvest here.

Copyright. We mentioned the issue of the infringement of text copy and paste, and also discussed the picture reference. From the technical blog text published by students and the classroom argument, not on the definition of copyright (such as whether the reference to the picture is "learning" for the purpose, the non-profit is to be pirated) agreed. In this course, teachers view the controversy as the effect, not in the teaching of a more in-depth discussion.

6. Regrets and experiences

1) knowledge and training. Students generally neglect training in the long run.

Students generally and long-term neglect of training, if we recognize that they pay more attention to some knowledge, although they value the most is the feeling ("the teacher is very kind, wholeheartedly love the students, this is a good teacher") and attitude ("I oppose I agree, do not turn to the Chinese"). Decisions that determine success or failure are directly not feelings and attitudes, but technology. It is now generally acceptable, even in a people's war, that the recognition of the peoples is so important, but in the final meeting with the enemy bayonets, will be far less important than technology. Fighting is a technical work, and so is engineering. Head wrapped Red Belt if only in the end of the final, can not change the tide of war.

In the classroom, teachers have repeatedly mentioned that knowledge can be taught, tell you that you know, and skills are not taught, can only be learned through training. Swimming, cycling, playing the piano, programming, these skills can only be obtained through training, you only know is also white. Xin Zou Teacher in the "Law of construction," there is a vivid metaphor, a student in the gym, will not automatically grow a muscle, as long as you do not * active * movement, personally overcome resistance, no matter how good the coach to other students teaching methods, coaches how handsome and friendly attitude, your desire is how eager.

For example, in the actual teaching of this semester, the students in the pair programming initially showed a strong contempt, think understand the reason on the line. In engineering practice, also tend to be willing to observe, and do not want to devote time; in the classroom, tend to listen to the teacher rakugo, "Ah" to a pat on the thigh or nod, but do not want to do homework. In the after-school project, I also noticed that students generally have this kind of assessment, the hope of real projects, practical use of projects, have a good effect of the project, but also hope that less work, hope to learn more knowledge, rather than practical knowledge. In this regard, in the classroom, the teacher has repeatedly mentioned that capitalists will not pay you because of what knowledge you have, but only because of what you have done and pay.

For the negative attitude of training, I used to have a group of students who said to me, "teacher, I still have to learn." In other words, in the minds of the students, the project development, is only an amateur hobby, is not part of the study, reading the examination is the real study. Subconsciously, mastered the knowledge, or the electronic version of a book to get it, Bob. Actually it's just the beginning, not even the beginning. Knowledge, from the first line of writing code, in practice, only really began to grasp. Some people asked, "the introduction of compiling principles and algorithms is not a dragon Slayer skill and no dragon can be slaughtered?" "I said in my answer," Unless you really kill a dragon, you can't be sure that you have mastered the technology-doing exercises is not enough. Therefore, "skill (and no dragon can be slaughtered)" is a pseudo-proposition. "The truth is the same.

Of course, I can understand that students often see the world full of deception and boast, even we have been accustomed to. To say a set of things, theory and practice is irrelevant, requires the moral standards of others and their own practice of the clear. But if we do so differently from what we claim to believe, how schizophrenic we are. So, try to live on a single principle and practice the principles you believe in. Reject what you don't believe.

Knowledge and practice (and training) should be unified.

2) Take the initiative to participate in the world. Enthusiasm. The students are generally high-cold.

This semester there is a false start Project (the [] scale into the app or online survey, and posted in the Circle of Friends), there are three places, but only a few, and eventually only two students to participate, And one of the teachers was mobilized alone.

This false start Project at first glance is very simple, simple to the students disdain to raise their fingers. This arrogance is also common in the study work, "Obviously ah" is a lot of people's colloquial language, quite a "how can you so stupid is not understand it", even if later in-depth understanding found not simple even "obviously" oneself wrong time, also momentum does not reduce.

Simple projects do not do, complex projects do not come. In the classroom is often the case, the obvious problem is not say anything, a slightly difficult problem dare not say anything. So, the silent majority, the silent spring. Pretend that adults, cover their shortcomings, pretending to be calm, do not participate in performance, not comments do not oppose the support.

The first second requires a pair, many students do not, repeated emphasis on the promotion, finally done, but the experience is not willing to write or not willing to write more. The effect of mutual evaluation is worse, only one or two students participate and maintain. Teachers provide "he mountain Jade", quoted Xin Zou teacher finishing the other colleges and universities Technical Blog summary, it seems that few students see, from the classroom in the performance of the job requirements can be guessed.

"Active participation in the world" is the precondition for the world not to give up. Or in the know to see a spit groove, a college several female students in a rainy day was poured, and the road all alone with the umbrella of the male students are quietly watching them walk in the rain. One answer is positively related to the subject we just mentioned, he said, if you ask for someone, you have to take the initiative, otherwise people will think you enjoy walking in the rain, no one has the free to see you, so we do not know you in the rain. "Take the initiative to participate in the world", do not expect the world to beg you. The vast majority of students of the technology is far from being able to retreat to the extent, but the practice has been very much like the master.

3) Take the initiative to participate in the world. Human language and code writing.

The course requires the students to publish a weekly technical blog, which also requires a final course paper. From the technical blogs and the course papers we've seen, the pages are short. Course Paper Talk about experience, there is no teacher's experience half long classmate, do not feel ashamed, or teachers for this semester let you harvest so little and say sorry?

Many students may say, "There is nothing to talk about." ”

Throwing away the wrong pre-provinces and pronouns used in our course is the main source of error in web postings, and it is a false assumption that the reader knows what you know. If the reader already knows everything you know, then there is no need for communication-perhaps you do think that reports, technical blogs, papers, just formal rituals. Explaining your motives and technical routes to others, and explaining what you consider to be a key difficulty in your dissertation and project defense, is not only to make others understand you, but also to assess the expert's understanding of what you are talking about. For the way from Beijing to the world if you say, "foot" or "no need, the best we have already", then others at least understand your methodology or values, and you say "that is not obvious", in addition to arrogant attitude, others do not have any new understanding of you.

A psychological or pedagogical story tells us that not knowing others is not selfish, but naïve. The story says, make child a observe the behavior of child B and answer questions. A person shows candy to the observed child B and puts it in a drawer, and then takes the candy out of the drawer and puts it in his pocket when child B briefly leaves. Ask your child A, where the child will find sweets when he comes back. Some children a answer, child B will find candy in his pocket. These children a do not know, child B does not know candy transfer this information.

Code, documentation, reports, technical blogs, are the ones that tell others that they don't know about. Actively participate in the world, in code and in human language writing fully estimate that others may not know, show their kindness, rather than show their own intelligence.

If you do not know how to express, or express what information, so much reading, read other people's experience, read more code, more to see how others write. Don't be immersed in your own little world, you don't pay attention to others, you don't know what information people need, what they expect to read. Think more about what others expect, not what you intend to show. In this way, writing and code lied can be avoided. Your personality and attitude, no one is happy to pay for it. Help others, others will pay you, please we appreciate your personality and attitude, you need to pay us.

4) time. Fast paced, short iterations. Time-driven. The estimation and measurement of time.

Course once a week. In other words, if there is no communication between teachers and students, then the mistakes made by the students at this time may take 7 days to be corrected, and if the students understand the correction, it will take another 7 days for the teacher to observe the effect. In this way, we can not communicate how many things in a semester 16 weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the working rhythm and to complete the task in the shortest possible iteration. This is also one of the core of the AGILE/XP methodology and a concept that RUP accepts.

Zigaliang, Liu Weixian, Cheng Lin, and Xiayi all use short iterations to complete the job. On the second day of the assignment, a version has been submitted, and the teacher (and Xin Zou Teacher) 's revised comments and additional job requirements are submitted again before the end of the week and may be submitted again on the basis of the revised comments. In this way, other people once homework, they not only two or three times the workload (that is, harvest), and far more than these, because the following several assignments are under the guidance of teachers targeted.

By contrast, some students have adopted the strategy of waiting, leaning and dragging. One of the excuses for submitting at the last minute of the job deadline is "I want to be as perfect as possible"-but not more perfect than the teacher's direct guidance, and showing that perfection is not the purpose of our study. After the teacher gave a change of opinion, many students said, "I will be in the next/after the homework to correct", this is basically equivalent to "teacher, I have left you face, expressed full respect, please do not force me too far" or "I will change later, please do not bother me good baa." If that is a mistake, why not correct it this time? If this is the "real" project of hope that you expect, errors that do not correct will cause you to do nothing, and may even compensate for the loss. This kind of attitude reminds me of learned daughter Guoff, she chopped Yang over the right arm, and then cried and said, "I did cut your arm, but I was scolded by the father also scold, you apologize also said, you want how AH." "Guoff's Jiao Heng may not even you accept, but that is not her own arm, and this is your own problem."

Some students will say, I changed your point of the problem is enough, "you want to how AH". Jokes also say, the end of the assault on the difficulty of learning, depending on whether you are review or preview. The student laborious, the teacher frequently proposes the change request, has changed one flaw and the whole one comes, on the other hand is because does not change the first, the second flaw cannot change, on the other hand, is because some students ' foundation is too poor ah. Well, that's not all your responsibility, but the responsibility of your school, college, and teacher, let's complain. And wait for the world to become better ... and tolerance.

Regarding the time, Xin Zou also mentioned that the release requires time-driven. There is no deadline pressure, the students can not finish any day-usually the last day to start. Xiayi classmate at the end of the summary, sigh, the beginning of the semester's desire to have two, one is the topic can be gradual, the other is if too difficult, hoping to relax the time limit. One has not been achieved, but he is greatly mature, has progressed to no longer have these two aspirations, but "the teacher can not be assigned to my next task." ”

Time requirement is a hard line, in teaching, rather narrow the function range, reduce quality, also can not time out. Just at the requested time, anyway, the program is going to be published to be executable. What I like to say is that the tasks stipulated in the prescribed time must be delivered, and if you do it like crap, deliver the same kind of work, and accept the same comments that others have about us. Try harder next time, and don't beg for mercy at this time.

The last question related to time, the students generally lack the sense of time estimation and measurement, if there is a little awareness of the estimation and measurement of code quantity. Time is the most important resource in the project (not one, because time is directly life, nothing else), so the measurement of the ability to do similar projects should be carried on continuously, this should also become an important content of review Zhuge Liang meeting afterwards, and according to this measure time before the start of new projects, Compare pre-estimate and post-mortem measurements at the end of the project to enhance your next estimation capability. The basic principles of the common PID method in automatic control, the experience-based approach in machine learning, and the romance of the shark's fear of hurting the glass in the reader's story are probably the same. How can we sometimes focus on estimating and measuring in engineering, but ignoring the most important time. What a fine point.

5) Specifications

Specifications are not just code specifications, there are job requirements, and the requirements of the job in human language are required entries.

Why has not repeatedly stressed the norms, because the students generally do not reach the lower requirements, so teachers give up the specification of such a higher requirement. Time, workload, work report quality, video, many can not meet the minimum requirements, there are many students directly ignore some of the job items, when not seen. According to the workload and time adjustment requirements, instead of adjusting the workload and working time according to the requirements.

or whether the compilation principle is a dragon Slayer technology, I said, "can find the work is too poor, not aware of the need for technology." Fight with children all day long, no need to exercise strength and agility to fight against; cover the kennel all day, no drawings and no cement markings. If this is the ideal, dragons are just legends, and the Dragon Slayer is of course useless. "If you are satisfied with such a life, and do not want to strive for excellence to become a better engineer, I have what way." I certainly know that excellent teachers can "NCLB", "No students, only bad teachers", but I am not a good teacher, we can do.

For all this to not complete the job, the teacher considered more detailed and strict rules to deal with: The job should be aimed at the small upside-down points, and not all of the work is not complete. However, teachers are concerned that this will open the prison guard-prisoner model, especially if the student is an adult at the postgraduate level and deserves such respect.

Speaking of respect, I remember a story. It is said that the invaders, in order to dismantle the Indians, told the soldiers, "what kind of power do you have in the tribe?" "I have the power to charge before," replied the warrior. "Charge in front, is a kind of power, which is the source of respect." I respect you as an adult, the practice is to treat you as an adult, never call you "child" "The child" "Those children", never lightly clap your noble head to show intimacy; I respect women, I treat women like men, respect their power before the charge, all love is declared silently " You are weak, consciously admit. "

I respect you and respect your ability to accomplish the task consciously and according to the specification. Your fulfilment of the task by agreement and specification is a respect for my respect and respect for your own charge before the power. The reason why you can see my anger and disappointment is because you gave up your rights, you did not insult me, but also because of my inability to recognize and fear.

6) Students observe. Reality, outside the limits.

Xin Zou hopes that students will be able to see the final release and the release, and he hopes that the students who have retired will come back and see what they have lost; he wants undergraduates to come and see what they may learn in the future. Xin Zou Teacher also hope that grades can strictly carry out the standard of normal work, and usually homework should be accounted for the proportion.

These expectations, I am ashamed, failed to achieve all. As a teacher, I personally know the difficulties, some more than the time spent, knowledge structure and skills, into the organizational structure of our affiliated units (and curriculum system). It is not the main reason that the teaching of the course is just a part of the work of the superior (I am not talking about endorsing or opposing the administration of the university), and there are many other jobs. The more important reason is that if you do that, you pay the price. It is not the effort to overcome difficulties, but the consequences that must be borne by overcoming difficulties. So the so-called "do What I Can" "at all costs" I never have a face to say, nor can I ask my classmates.

7. Summary

Looking back at the road. The construction of the law Northeast Normal University station 2016 spring semester, finally ended.

In the 4th week, I once wrote chicken soup as follows, praising 2 leading students and 18 students who had not given up at the time. In fact, the situation has been so difficult, has never changed.

Their results reflect the triumph of such a scenario:

You're a general,

The troops were ammunition, and very hungry;

Soldiers tactical skills are poor, equipment backward;

Marching in the swamp of enemy, jittery;

The enemy has air support, tanks, hot meals and hot water;

Superiors are Yang GUIFAO, strategic rubbish, grumpy,

He decided to start immediately, attacking the bunker ahead, with no mortars or flares,

Only Fry-medicine-pack.

Your subordinates are ready to dissolve the troops, ready to withdraw from the battlefield and prepare for an uprising against you.

You say, at all costs, 16 weeks of raids.

This is the 4 week war, we are still alive.

We still have 12 weeks to fight.

Keep charging.

Now, keep charging.

If you are ashamed of your feelings and the harvest is not half the length of the teacher, keep charging now and don't wait until the next homework to improve. Not the next time.


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The way of Looking back: The method of construction northeast Normal University station 2016 spring semester

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