The way of procedure and cultivation--from small workers to experts read note two

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In the power of plain text section, the author tells us that through plain text (XML, SGML, and HTML are good examples of plain text), we give our skills the ability to manipulate knowledge in a hands-on manner and programmatically-in fact, you can use every tool as you please. With plain text, you get a self-describing data stream that is not dependent on the app that created it. But plain text requires more space, and the cost of computing can be more expensive. This is unacceptable when storing micro-remote data or as an internal format for a relational database.

The text has three major benefits: guaranteed to be non-outdated, leveraged, and easier to test.

A carpenter's workbench is a shell command that can invoke a full set of tools under a shell command. You can enable the app. Debuggers, browsers, editors, various utilities, and more. The GUI interface makes it quicker and easier to move files, read MIME-encoded e-mails, and write letters. But if you make the GUI do all the work, you will miss some of the capabilities of the environment, you will not be able to automate common tasks or take advantage of the full power of the tools, and you cannot combine tools to create custom macro tools. Shell commands can be obscure or too simple, but they are powerful and concise. Reading a few examples, it is true that shell commands are much simpler than the GUI, but do not use the shell. Self-feeling shell commands are very high-end look.

Use a good editor to get a thorough understanding of it and use it for all editing tasks.

Always use source control, keep our daily work safely in the warehouse, so that we can recover later. This is one of the many benefits of using source control systems: A huge undo key-a project-level time tool.

Debugging is a sensitive, emotional topic. You may encounter denial, blame, lame excuses, or even indifference, rather than solving it. Debugging is to solve the problem, find someone else's bug later than to blame others than focus on correcting the problem. It's important to use the right mindset to debug, forget about any project stress you might face, let yourself relax, and most importantly, don't panic. Be sure to work on code that compiles successfully before you view the bug without warning. Believe that "select" is fine, don't assume, prove, etc.

Through the reading of this chapter, I know what to do when testing, the face of the bug how to do, there are many things to learn from their own.

The way of procedure and cultivation--from small workers to experts read note two

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