The way PHP obtains a random element from an array

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Yesterday to help customers modify the sidebar, thought finally can breathe a sigh of relief, the results came off the clock, he actually sent a message, said that the need to add a label under each article, a random display of their company's 12 business advertising words. Set the demand, then do it.

In fact, it is quite simple to first predefined an array to store these 12 words, such as

The code is as follows

$option = Array (' Guang word 1 ', ' advertisement Word 2 ', ' advertising word 3 ', ' advertisement word 4 ', ' advertisement word 5 ');

And then randomly generate a subscript,

The code is as follows

$index = rand (0, COUNT ($option)-1);
echo $option [$index];

In general, in order to expand the convenience, it is best to put this data into the database or XML, but the idea is the same.

In addition to the above approach we can use the Array_rand () function, which randomly selects one or more elements in this function array, and returns.

Example 1

The code is as follows

$a =array ("a" => "Dog", "B" => "Cat", "C" => "horse");
Print_r (Array_rand ($a, 1));



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