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Recently because of the use of video with the Sohu Blog 3.0 online, unconsciously, I wrote three blog about Sohu, but also a little meaning is still not done. Because I think that with youku, potatoes, cool 6, 56 of these four independent vsp get the money; with Sina Podcast, Sohu Blog 3.0 online-the domestic YouTube mode of video podcast site into the key way to run the stage.

The interesting thing is that the above 6 sites and is said to have hundreds of domestic video sites, if we exclude the enterprise-oriented services, Peer-to-peer mode, client mode of these three special cases, then the above video site, in addition to Sohu aggregation to blog page a bit of characteristics, potato petty bourgeoisie original route somewhat characteristic, other video website overall , from the page to the content, almost all very close--if you put the logo on, you can basically think it's almost the same.

This blog is about to explore, after the video site into the running stage, these "similar" VSP may have any changes, or better strategy?

1,sohu Video (Sohu Blog 3.0): I think Sohu's video mode is innovative, but I'm not very optimistic about their innovation. I think Sohu may overestimate the user's ability to create video, as well as the current stage of digital me Construction initiative. In a word, I think the current Chinese web users are still very elementary, more than ten years behind the U.S. users, not too much to rely on the user's creative power-especially video.

2,tudou: I think potatoes are a lot of video sites, the most likely to be the first to obtain large-scale brand advertising revenue, because the location of potatoes is still relatively clear, brand locked the Internet high-end users. The advantage of potatoes is that he could actually lock a group of Non-mainstream original video authors into a non-mainstream original video site. Perhaps you will feel strange, since is "Non-mainstream", how can obtain "The large-scale brand advertisement"? actually not contradictory. I said the "Non-mainstream" is the video creators, and potato browsing users that is advertising audience, is precisely the high-end mainstream users, is suitable for brand advertising.

3, Youku: Youku's team is very strong, it is worth looking at the High Line. But Youku's current positioning and strategic choice is not particularly clear-cut, it feels cool and tenacious, but it seems to have not found a very firm implementation route. Need to observe and observe.

4, Cool 6 and 56: Put these two video stations together, is I think cool 6 basic will become a part of Baidu, and 56 may become an integral part of netease; therefore, this cool 6 and 562 video site development strategy, depending on the "mothership" video strategy.

5, finally said the focus of this article, Sina Podcast.

About Sina Podcast, this time last year I cried out loudly "the video website calls Chen". As a matter of fact, I don't do videos myself, so shouting is actually about me p. :)。 A year later, I just read the original content, found that I want to say to the Sina podcast, in fact, still those ... In general, just three words:

"Do the News"

In China, video is a waste of news, especially for Sina, where news podcasts are the most appropriate. Other video sites do not immediately do news, and do those entertainment gossip, because they do not have Sina such a good brand resources, and Sina if also follow those websites to do entertainment gossip, is to give up their own long, take their own short.

For Sina, short-term video traffic is not important at all, but to occupy the high ground of video news, if successful, then Sina News, Sina Blog, Sina Podcast, into Thing, Sina's network first news platform hegemony, it is difficult to meet the challenge.

Summary: Video Web site into the way to run, there are three directions, one is personal application, the second is the original, third is the news. I think the real best direction is the third way.

This series of articles, in fact, from Chen let me Guess Sohu Blog 3.0 of the game. Later I found that I guess the more accurate ah, for example, I guess Sohu to the video release integrated into the blog Management page, have been fulfilled ... But Chen in only let everyone guess, and not give everyone to send prizes ah. Don't guess later. :)

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