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Let's look at the simplest explanation

Web (http/html): emulation of communication between a browser and Web Server.

Web (Click and Script): emulation of the communication between a Web browser and the Web server at user-action level.

Literally, the Web (click and Script) is more "at the user-action level"

Web (Click and Script)

The recording of the Web (Click and script) protocol is a GUI-based, user-interface-hands-on script that records web conversations between browsers and servers, and after you choose the Protocol, Vugen records the intuitive process of your actions on the Web interface. For example, when you click the Submit button to submit the message, Vugen generates the Web_button function, and when you enter it in the edit box, Vugen generates the Web_edit_field function.

The vusers of the Web (Click and Script) supports non-HTML code, such as JavaScript for the client. Vugen will create intuitive scripts that accurately simulate your process on a Web page. Instead, the Web (http/html) protocol does not support Javascript,vugen just as a resource for web_url functions.

The vusers of the Web (Click and Script) can automatically handle most association (correlations) problems, greatly reducing the time to script programming. Typically, you do not need to define the associated rules or manually associate them after recording.

For example, when you click the button to submit the data, Vugen generates the Web_button function. If the button is a picture, Vugen generates the Web_image_submit function, for example in the following example, the user clicks login


Web_image_submit ("Login",









The recording of the Web (Click and Scripts) is a recording based on the user's action procedure.

The Web (Click and Scripts) does not support applets and VBScript. If the Web site being tested contains applets and VBScript, use the Web (http/html) protocol.

Web (http/html)

The Web (http/html) protocol is a script that responds to data based on browser requests.

When you select the Web (http/html) protocol recording, Vugen records data from "browser-issued HTTP requests and server responses" that are sent over the Internet, and the script contains the data details of your browser request, not the process information.

The Web (http/html) protocol provides two ways to record, based on HTML and on a URL-based manner. These two ways let you specify which information to record and which functions the script uses. For example, when you submit a message by clicking a button (whether it is a picture or a button), Vugen generates a web_submit_data or Web_submit_form function.

Web_submit_data ("start.swe_2",








"Name=sweusername", "Value=wrun", Enditem,

"Name=swepassword", "Value=wrun", Enditem,

"Name=swerememberuser", "Value=yes", Enditem,

"Name=sweneedcontext", "Value=false", Enditem,

"Name=swefo", "Value=sweentryform", Enditem,

"Name=swets", "Value={siebeltimestamp}", Enditem,

"Name=swecmd", "Value=executelogin", Enditem,

"Name=swebid", "Value=-1", Enditem,

"Name=swec", "value=0", Enditem,


However, the Web (http/html) protocol does not support JavaScript, it simply treats JavaScript as a resource for Web pages.

For most applications, including the use of JavaScript applications, the Web (Click and Script) protocol is used, for browser-based applications using applets and VBScript, or for non-browser Web applications, using the Web (http/html) Agreement. These two protocols are mutually exclusive and cannot be selected at the same time when multiple protocols are selected.

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