The Web front-end development--css Technology Big Comb

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Before looking at the beef brisket when the CSS to summarize, when just contact, the understanding of CSS is not enough system and comprehensive, now read CSS

, and then comb through the whole CSS.

Overall Overview

Not much to say, first, the overall understanding of the CSS.

CSS is the abbreviation for English cascading Style sheets. The Chinese translation is a cascading style and is used to control the style of the Web page and allow the style information to be

A markup language that separates page content.

Before the beef brisket has been the basic knowledge of CSS and usage of the detailed explanation (CSS shallow into a shallow, CSS core article). This is

No longer a statement of exhaustion. This is mainly about CSS interacting with Javascript,xml and Ajax.

CSS interacts with JavaScript

<span style= "FONT-FAMILY:KAITI_GB2312;FONT-SIZE:18PX;" >script language= "JavaScript" >var number = new Date (). getseconds ()% 3 + 1; Random number, from 1 to 3//randomly select CSS external file document.write (' <link href= ' 0 ' + number.tostring () + '/0 ' + number.tostring () + '. css ' rel= ' Stylesheet "type=" Text/css ">");</script></span>

In fact, like HTML interacts with CSS, you only need to introduce JavaScript tags. Dynamic effects are achieved by interacting with JavaScript.

CSS interacting with XML

Like CSS and JavaScript, you can introduce XML. Here XML can be seen as a place to store data, while CSS beautify the XML file's explicit


CSS interacting with Ajax

Ajax is a relatively complex technology. He was formed by a combination of techniques such as javascript,css,dom,xmlhttprequest.

JavaScript is the bottom part of the entire Ajax, calling Css,dom,xmlhttprequest through JavaScript.

CSS, Master of Art. CSS is the control of the entire page, no CSS no web page

DOM, very important HTML model, one tree in HTML

XMLHttpRequest to implement asynchronous operations.

Ajax is not very well known because of its new contacts. At the current level, we can only introduce here.

Personal finishing touches

In other words, CSS decouples the content and style of the Web page, wrapping the same style with CSS files, and later

Level and maintenance is very convenient.

The Web front-end development--css Technology Big Comb

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