The web-side Access file does not have permission issues

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background : Some files in the FTP PHP project do not have permission to write to. The system reports the error!!!

cause : In general, web-access sites generally use the WWW permissions (restricted permission groups) to access, but when we develop programming, it is possible to use the root permission to develop, using the root permissions to execute the script, resulting in a lot of files are root permissions

Note: The root permission generated files may not necessarily be 777 permissions (restrictions on external permissions, may not be able to view, write, execute);

Workaround :

1, we should move all the timed scripts in the crontab from the root group to the WWW group, then execute the timed script again later, will be generated by the permissions of the WWW file!!

Note: First look at the current login account is what permissions account, if it is root. Then use the instruction-crontab-e to transfer the timed script inside to Crontab-uwww-e, (-uwww: The script to view www permissions)

2, but also to the existing root-generated file slew more permissions to the WWW permission.

Change owners and Groups

Chown www:www 17_*

This modifies all files beginning with 17_ to www permissions

Note: Deploying timed scripts in the future is all to be deployed under-CRONTAB-UWWW-E

The web-side Access file does not have permission issues

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