The webbrowser of the parent in Delphi becomes a blank problem resolution (covering Createwnd and Destroywnd)

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This time in a Delphi interface to open the function of the Web page, and this page is in the window can be fully displayed, can be reduced to another window on the panel display

However, when you change the window of the page, the WebBrowser control becomes blank.

Google on the internet for half a day, finally found on the CSDN solution:

Original address: http://bbs.csdn.NET/topics/200046109

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  1. Uses
  2. SHDocVw, Windows, Controls, Forms, Classes;
  3. Type
  4. Tmywebbrowser = Class (Twebbrowser)
  5. Private
  6. protected
  7. Actualhandle:hwnd;
  8. procedure Createwnd; override;
  9. procedure Destroywnd; override;
  10. Public
  11. end;
  12. {Tmywebbrowser}
  13. Procedure Tmywebbrowser.  Createwnd;
  14. Begin
  15. if (Actualhandle <> 0) and IsWindow (actualhandle) Then
  16. begin
  17. WindowHandle: = Actualhandle;
  18. Actualhandle: = 0;
  19. Windows. SetParent (WindowHandle, Twincontrol (self). Parent.  Handle);
  20. //force A resize on the client window
  21. MoveWindow (WindowHandle, 0, 0, Twincontrol (self). Parent. Width,
  22. Twincontrol (self). Parent.   Height, true);
  23. End
  24. Else
  25. inherited;
  26. End
  27. Procedure Tmywebbrowser.  Destroywnd;
  28. Begin
  29. if (csdestroying in componentstate) Then
  30. inherited
  31. Else
  32. begin
  33. //parent to the application window which was 0x0 in size
  34. Windows. SetParent (WindowHandle, Forms. Application.  Handle);
  35. //save the WindowHandle
  36. Actualhandle: = WindowHandle;
  37. //set it to 0 so Createwnd'll be called again ...
  38. WindowHandle: = 0;
  39. end;
  40. End

The webbrowser of the parent in Delphi becomes a blank problem resolution (covering Createwnd and Destroywnd)

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