The website cannot be started in IIS. The prompt is "another program is using this file and the process cannot be accessed"

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Recently, I installed my home computer with sharepoint2010. In fact, I have been developing SharePoint for the past two years. I am ashamed that I have no environment in my home! Haha, in fact, it was also installed when I was still using sharepoint2007 last year, but of course there was a screen when I installed server2008 on my computer, and finally I gave up!

Now there is an environment in the house. Sometimes it is much easier to do something. By the way, there is nothing wrong with the whole process!


The installation of sharepoint2010 is still quite smooth. It is the final creation of web applications.ProgramThe website cannot be started! The cause was not found at the time. It was quite confusing. How can this happen? Today, I came back to this question and decided to search online... Now we have found the cause and solution!

1. after Sharepoint is installed normally, a website with a port of 9000 is created. Which of the following statements is not smooth? The browser directly reports Error 500. check that IIS is not started and cannot be started manually. "Another program is using this file and the process cannot be accessed" appears ".

2. The solution found on the Internet. It turns out that another program also occupies port 9000! The following parts

Open the powershell or DOS window and enter netstat-ano to check port usage. Here, port 2720 occupied by PID 9000 is found.

3. In powershell or DoS, enter tasklist to view the task list and find the application with PID = 2720. Here we find kugou7 and nnd, which were occupied by kugou! The cause is found!

4. Modify the kugou7 port, restart kugou, and start the website on port 9000. Everything works!

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