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From the 80 's to the present, it can be said that in our country set off a stream of Korean, such as Korea's music, TV dramas, movies, games, and so on, you can say now watching love drama are like watching Korean dramas, Korea's movies. Games in China is also more popular. And South Korea's Web site in China is also popular with most web enthusiasts.

Some Web design beginners will generally imitate the Korean website design, through the analysis of their website, people can not help but Marvel, South Korea's site in the framework structure, content typesetting, color matching, the use of pictures to achieve a very harmonious unity, their designers are more have a larger design space, To marvel at their creativity, of course, is not to say that the creativity of our countrymen is not as strong as theirs.

First of all, Korean designers in the use of color can be said to be very appropriate, in our eyes some very ugly color to their hands very easily with a very different or harmonious beauty, give people the feeling either elegant charming, or alternative bold, very good color collocation, give a person a feeling of mental comfort.

The second is a large number of Korean web site using flash and pictures, a lot of pictures, Flash is very good use, the site of the picture is always 40, 50K large image, the page image more than the page size is usually hundreds of k, which in our country is simply not dare to imagine. Most of the banner in South Korea are banner banners appearing under the navigation bar of the page, with exquisite pictures or vector illustrations of hand-drawn styles. Many domestic websites also use a large flash banner, but are usually focused on how to express the cool Flash animation, dazzling feeling, so that viewers too focused on flash and ignore the other content of the page. and Korea's flash better serve the theme of the site, and the whole page with a comfortable and not eye-catching, their key is that the whole flash is not all changes, but only the local movement, as well as the text and background of the ingenious cooperation. South Korean web designer's hand-drawing ability is very strong, the page uses a lot of hand-painted vector pictures, making the whole site appear exquisite and unique.

The third is the page level sense of the Korean website, this level of sense is not by making a few three-dimensional words to embody, in fact, rely on is simply to add a simple picture or text shadow effect and clever use of composition to form visual differences, but this design is not rigidly adhere to the form of the three-dimensional effect of the site, The sense of hierarchy is also reflected in the design of a small part, if less details, will make their site less than a lot.

Comments on the Korean site a lot of articles, I do not say much here, I personally do not agree to imitate their design style, but to form our own style, learn how to better inherit our excellent national art, it and modern design concepts, to make more unique wonderful website.

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