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As the threshold of website construction is getting lower, the company that provides website construction, web design, studio, individual all crowded in the whole net build big pond, it is a wolf more sheep less. But now, the clever "sheep" more and more, on the Zhengzhou network Sea designers, hear the most, but also the most headaches of the word is-I want to more atmosphere ...

So what is the atmosphere, the atmosphere of the Web page is how to practice it? Special on the common type of enterprise display site for example, sorting out some of the data to be explained, welcome everyone to Pat Bricks.

First: Design with color

First diagram above:

A map (Yutong company Group site)

b Diagram (a glass company website)

Comparing two pictures we can find:

A the entire page appears in a Hue-light gray (B-tonal is a picture with color), the navigation switch uses the red, the entire website basically uses these two colors to match down, appears clean, neat, thus has the so-called atmospheric type website one most main characteristic: the design uses the color to be simple, does not have the clutter; At the same time, red and gray collocation is also the color of the more enthusiastic combination.

b Picture of the entire page with up to six or seven kinds of colors, although there is no red with the green taboo, but this kind of Web page is easy to create a messy and disorderly feeling, is the site seems to be a dull, ordinary feeling;

The use of color is the most important part of the website construction process, to a large extent, directly determine the effect of the Web page.

Second: Layout structure


Figure C

A site as a whole on a navigation, slide, bottom four pictures, foot four part of the collocation, the design does not occupy a large area of the area to fill the text, the construction of the sub-forum area;

b site overall layout without any regularity, no significant structural features, design in the layout of the page structure should be not very good for the idea, the overall obvious very common;


Figure D

A map in the part of the details of the processing is still in place, not because of simple, concise and ignore the details of the treatment, which is also a feature of the atmospheric Web site: simple and not rough;

b picture is very rough, logo design, banner Pictures, such as the most easy to foil the beautiful elements of the Web page is weakened, this greatly reduces the site construction of important performance elements of the function but the Web page appears to be rough;

Third: Functional Features

You can see from the figure A, although simple, but in the relevant special effects design, including functional design and no less effort, the processing of elements, content, such as the presentation of a lot of thoughts:

The opposite B-map of the entire page using ordinary HTML form to the end, useless to any effect of the display, this can only bring customers aesthetic fatigue, invisible in the company's image is also weakened.

Above three points is the author of the site construction process accounted for a large proportion of the design elements of the view, at the same time, I think: Although the website construction market is more and more confusing, but still support some of the technical elite team, they are in the design style, code concise, strict procedures in all aspects of the extraordinary team, It is their existence is the Internet in the classic sites are endless, above is opinion, please take a brick, reprint this article, please indicate the source:

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