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After the website is finished, it is not the end of the matter. Later more important: Website promotion, website revision, marketing management and so on, in which, the website revision work is also a more important work, is also an inescapable work.

After the website is finished, it is not the end of the matter. Later more important: Website promotion, website revision, marketing management and so on, in which, the website revision work is also a more important work, is also an inescapable work.

Website revision of the specific reasons for: The Web site marketing strategy adjustment, site operation direction changes, User Service needs change, etc., these are the driving force of the website revision. After the website revision, may bring the anticipated effect and the profit to the website, especially the commercial website, especially important.

However, the effect of Web site revision, not only has good effect, there are some negative effects. For example: Web site users lost, search engine shielding, Web content exists similar, page design unreasonable, and so on, below I talk about the site revision need to pay attention to a few things:

Revision of the way to choose

The website revision includes the brand-new revision and the renewal revision. The former will make a significant change in the Web site architecture, and the latter, on the basis of improvements, will not result in large architectural changes. Is it a new revision or a modification on the basis of the original? This is a very important issue, from the cost, for a large number of small sites, perhaps a new site more cost-effective. The well-known website in the cost, does not matter, may ignore the cost factor.

New version copy old version content

Perhaps stationmaster may realize this problem, after the website revision, will save the old edition link and the original file, these old edition files will be moved to a new directory or enable a new level two domain name. But the new version of content often copied the old version of the content, resulting in the search engine in the eyes of the old web site content similar. Once this happens, and into the search engine's line of sight, will be considered as the same plagiarism, blocked or shielding processing.

Different domain name same content

Some web site after the revision, become a new site, from the domain name to the site space are all replaced, but the original site still exists. Although there is no update maintenance, but the Web page content does not delete the existence, so that the existence of a number of domain names to replicate the possible, and to create interference to users, it is difficult to determine what the domain name represents the main site.

Invalid page link address

When the new version of the content released, some of the original pages need to be deleted in a timely manner, otherwise it is easy to form the aforementioned copy of the Web page. These deleted pages, if handled improperly will also have a certain impact on user access, because some of the search engine included in the Web page, search engine database updates need a certain amount of time, a few days, more than a few months. During this time, users can still see the original page when they retrieve it through the search engine. How to deal with invalid URLs? The method is: Make a prompt page 404 error message, and through the corresponding text introduction as far as possible to guide the user to the new website, as far as possible to reduce the loss of traffic.

Incompatible with legacy Web site schemas

Web site architecture mainly refers to the directory structure of Web pages, for small sites, to deal with relatively simple, big deal to forsake the original directory classification; But for the user-dependent corporate web site, the structure changes directly lead to a decline in turnover, perhaps only temporarily.

In addition to the above several negative effects, there are some other effects, such as the Web page PR value reduced, included a reduction in the number of Web sites, and so on. Before the site is revised, carefully consider these factors, as well as other considerations in your mind, to calm analysis and then make a decision.

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