The website was removed from experience by Baidu in January.

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After the module is added, we will update 1-2 articles every day, not to mention that each article is completely original, at least after deep-level processing, and it will be changed.

The second thing is to change the domain name. Register an org domain name and resolve it to the website. And redirect the org domain name 301 to the com website. However, this seems to have little effect, because we all know that Baidu has a long response speed to 301, but we cannot give up the existing domain name and there is no way to do it.

The fourth thing is Baidu's complaint. Baidu complaint is one of the commonly used tools for webmasters. In addition, I shared this complaint three times, but Baidu did not give me any response. So far, I do not know whether Baidu simply handles the problem, or whether there are too many complaints, not at all.

The fifth thing is continuous distribution of external links. Some webmasters may question that the website has been attacked by K, and the re-release of the external chain will be more likely to think that the website is being cheated and will be extended by K more indefinitely. Here, I tell you the facts that the external links that continue to grow steadily after K will effectively speed up the recovery process for the website. As we all know, External links = voting, only the distribution of external links requires two principles: relevance and continuity. Three-day fishing and two-day drying won't work.

The sixth thing is to join the Baidu webmaster platform. One day before the return of my website, I joined the Baidu webmaster platform and used the tools in it to test my website and completed some simple personal optimization suggestions. Update the robots.txt file of the website and update it (I think this update is very important and plays a very good role in promoting it ).

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