The win10 reset function allows you to quickly reinstall the system and win10 to reinstall the system.

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The win10 reset function allows you to quickly reinstall the system and win10 to reinstall the system.

Many of my friends will encounter this situation. It takes a long time for the win10 system to respond slowly. I want to reinstall the system, and I will not perform the installation steps. I have no disk on hand, what should I do ??????? In fact, we can use the reset factory settings function of win10 to recover it, just like the new installed system, but we must back up data before the operation.

1. Click the Start menu and select "Settings ".

2. Click "Update and security" in the settings window ".

3. Select "Recover" and then "start ".

Select the reset type based on the actual conditions.

For the sake of security, we select the "keep my files" option.

This step will be started several times again

After the reset personal files are retained, a file is generated on the desktop to record the software name deleted from this reset. Note: After the option "delete all content" is reset, files are generated on the desktop. This file is not very useful for deletion. The recovery process is the same.

After restarting the desktop several times, the computer will be restored to the status when the new system is installed, we can experience the rapid response of the new installation system when no disk is installed or the system is not installed.

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