The winter Taste the sheep miscellaneous soup to remember

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The winter Taste the sheep miscellaneous soup to remember

Outside the window under the snow, long-distance bus in the narrow road Xu, water vapor condensation in the window, blurred the window is covered by snow forest. Down the car, in the strange mountain between the foot of a footprint, because of the relationship between snow, so do not know the position of the sun now. Not far ahead of the road there is a fork, Xu is a village, then go.

The earth has covered a thick layer, the bright sky is falling snowflakes, the road of snow more and more thick, the front of the road beside the light. There was a shop with lights on, a small window to put the lights in the house in the middle of the road on the snow, approached a restaurant. Stepping on a distinct footprints, open the heavy curtain, went in.

The atmosphere in the room was very mild, and the snow and ice outside the window seemed to be another world, and I sat down at the table near the window, filled with a bowl of hot water in a blue pottery bowl. The water transpiration only the winter has the heat, looked at the hot air spread in the face, was frozen the tip of the nose also ruddy many. Let's have a bowl of lamb soup.

Cold Outside the window, snow falling can be a quiet world to add a little smart. Through the window can see the window sill on the outside of the house has been piled up with the furry snowflakes, the swelling breathing outside the cold air, in the light of the shining as if to open sleepy eyes.

The Open pottery bowl ends on a table made of old wood, and the purplish red paint on the table has dropped a lot. The hot sheep mixed soup, a little green onion and leek floating on it, sheep miscellaneous in the milky white soup tightly together. Looking at this scenery, gradually forget the window still under the snow, as if the soup also melted snow fragrant.

Deep smell of the soup and then look out of the window of snow, the tree as far as the top of the mountain as if shake off a little snow, the top out of the dark green, like the earth stretched out its nostrils in the breath. Gently chewing sheep miscellaneous, and then the half spoon of soup, like the spring and snow melting river, silently melted in the muddy land.

However, the window is still the same winter and snow, the house is still the same glare of the lights, and then look at the old table with pottery bowls, only to find that the original bowl of sheep mixed soup affect only their own. It is enough to look at this bowl of lamb soup that has bottomed out, to think of the way it will be and the road to be.

Author: Rain Wood
Date: Lunar month 20

The winter Taste the sheep miscellaneous soup to remember

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