The Wiwiz of DDWRT routing Web authentication

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1. Register Wiwiz account, set hotspot

First go to the official website to register an account, and then create a free hot spots, hot spots set hot name, for free hot spot authentication method can only choose to login to-> users, authentication fees to choose free, fill in these 3 items.

Remember the ID of the hotspot you set up, and the name of your registered user.

2.DD Routing Settings

To log on to the Web Administration page for DD routing, change the following settings:
Management and Management
Remote Management->telnet Management enabled
Cron enabled in Cron
JFFS2 enabled in JFFS2 support

Telnet enablement in Services--services

3.DD Routing Installation Client

The first is to ensure that the routing at this time can access the Internet, which is the premise, because the input command after the route needs to download the client from the Wiwiz website and then install;
Enter the Telnet DD routed IP address on the command line
Logoin:root, you can only enter root here, even if you change the user name to another name;
Password:, enter the password for the login route, although you entered the character but did not display, but you did enter;
The route is entered after being determined;

Paste the following command in turn, press ENTER after a row of paste, and so on, and so on the response automatically go to the next line, and then paste the next command press ENTER;

cd wget; tar-zxf/tmp/root/hsbuilder-util-latest-dd-WRT.tar.gz/jffs/usr/local/hsbuilder/hsbuilder_ Setup

After the last command executes, the route prompt enters the hotspot ID, which is the hotspot ID created by the wiwiz previously recorded;
The next one is to enter the user name, which is the username you registered in the previous record;
After the prompt input, directly press ENTER with the default settings can be;
Final routing feedback setup completed, installation complete.
The red Line part of the figure below is the input command,

Restart the route, after login to open a Web page will jump to the authentication interface;

Enter the user name and password that you registered in Wiwiz, and you will be able to access the network after authentication.

Uninstall it, also need to use Telnet connection after entering a command
/jffs/usr/local/hsbuilder/ Uninstall
No authentication is required to restart the route.

4. Personal Use Experience

Free to create a hot spot there are many restrictions, the authentication interface can not be changed, the user name through authentication must be Wiwiz users, while Wiwiz users can log in to the hotspot you create;
The charge is not a one-time cost, but a monthly rent form;
The authentication user's information is in Wiwiz that storage, one is the confidentiality is not good, two must pass through the network to be able to access, if cannot access the outside network all users cannot pass the authentication;

So I tried it out and uninstalled it, and it didn't have any practical value for the individual.

Wiwiz Official Website Reference

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The Wiwiz of DDWRT routing Web authentication

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