The work experience and experience of the program ape

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Unconsciously, now is the 2015, recall last year when the excitement of the school, until today, only to feel the time flies, and I in this period of time to obtain what? What have you lost?

At that time, I am, it is my high-spirited, feel that there is nothing I can not do, to this day, think back to the original, feel I was so funny, to see anything too simple. During the year, from a project team to another project group, from unfamiliar to familiar, I feel that in the familiar process, this is a kind of growth.

I still remember, when I was still on campus, then I was how carefree, every month holding a fixed cost of living, but moan, want to step into society, want to experience the ups and downs of society, now I, just think that then I was how naïve, but society is often not like the ivory tower of the university, can help you shelter from the rain, society, to learn, to do, to adapt to the things too much, Miss my college time.

In just entered the company, I think I can do anything, but suddenly found, I think I can not do anything, this for me at that time, is undoubtedly a huge blow, so, in order to adapt to the job as soon as possible, under the great pressure, forcing me to study desperately, and desperately grow, that period of time, The night basically did not 8 o'clock before the shift, in the version to accept the time, all night is the norm. However, after a period of time, I found that the problems encountered can be solved, no longer a problem. Although the time was very tired, but I think that period of time is also my fastest growing period of time. From MySQL to Oracle, from DB to WebService, I used to think that JS would document.getElementById, would be $ (# ' ID '). val (); On the 6, it was enough, and later, it was not enough, far enough. It is good to give yourself part of the pressure. Now, I think I'm a little slack, and I'll summarize the experience of this period of time. Just as climbing a mountain is not an overnight move, but climbing halfway up the hill, resting for a while, tidying up the matter, and then continuing to crawl. Any language, should be attentively to understand, attentively to learn.

Although I have complained about the previous overtime, but I am more to blame myself, why I spend so much time to solve the problem, if I only spend half the time to solve the problem, will not work overtime? Now, I think, as a procedural ape, the most important mentality, without a good mentality, impatient, will still stop success. As a question, you solved 99%, but you did not have the patience, gave up, this and did not solve the same, perhaps, the next F6 is the problem, but you F8. Success, a step away, but you gave up.

In the process of the project, the development of a module, there may be a lot of problems, some problems to solve a lot of ways to live, can be perfect, although it takes a different time, but, I suggest you best pursuit of perfection, live, not a long-term solution, because, I was here to live on a somersault, Then it took another n times to solve the so-called problem of living together. If you feel that there is something wrong, change it as soon as possible, do not have the luck, otherwise you will end up being discovered by others, you would pay the price without several times.

The code section, which is uninteresting and interesting, is about how you find fun in this boring, find your own understanding of code, and magnify it to increase your confidence and form a cycle of conscience, otherwise, if you think code uninteresting, or, Think that they are for code and code, for money and code, from which they can not find what they think, with a negative attitude to face. Well, you should be careful, you are moving towards a dead end, forever limiting your ideals.

It road in the outside people seems very easy incomparable, but, how much, only you know, outsiders always see is your appearance of the bright, not see your heart scars. It road, very long, I think this is a few can not spell one of the industry, it is worth me to cherish, it is worth me to pay, I believe, I paid the harvest, I believe, do not care about others, choose a road, always go, there will always be someone think you are right, when you meet that person, he, May be your confidant, perhaps, is your bole.

I believe that can do this line of people , or want to do this line of people, Many are revenge, there are ideal young people, want to own a hand, prop up a day , do not spell dad, do not chew old. However, in this line, adhere to the people, less and less, many are eroded by the society, trampled by society, such as The Walking Dead, aimless to live for life, so, while young, recognize the thing to insist on it, two words, adhere to.

I am also a novice in this industry, although I may be one of the vast program of apes, I may not emit how dazzling light, but I will eventually use my own power, to play a wireless possibility. Maybe, when you see this article, will scoff, may laugh at my ignorance, a novice in this blind BB, but you can never erase my confidence. This article is for those who are confused, perhaps, you will find your life direction and goals.

The work experience and experience of the program ape

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