The World Cup is the most savage war, Brazil paid dire heavy price into the top four

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The World Cup is the most savage war, Brazil paid dire heavy price into the top four

--A review of the 2014 Brazil World Cup Brazil and Colombia team battle

July 2014 May 4 o'clock in the morning this 1/4 finals is the World Cup's most savage war, the two sides of the number of fouls more than 50 times. The size of the referee is too loose, is one of the most basic reasons. In the first half, the referee should not punish the penalty, resulting in a fierce two-party players. One is the Colombian star.JLuo was watched by Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho, to his stalker, the first half of the continuousJLuo kicked over,JLuo once annoyed, angry push each other, second, Brazil's leading players striker Neymar became the victim, in the second half, the Colombian teamright-back Zuniga from behind with his knees hitting Brazil .Tennumber of players, causing Neymar on the spot, covering the back looked painful, Neymar was carried off the court. The news is that Brazilian star Neymar has been rushed to the hospital, his back injury looks not optimistic, had to bid farewell to the World Cup. In this game, the two players to a large extent have put their energies on the foul, with illegal means to kill the opponent's play, is the World Cup the most brutal game, and the referee only the two players show2A yellow card. According to FIFA official statistics, the two players in this field foul add to the amazing Wutimes! Among them Brazil team31Times, the Colombian team attimes.

       This should not be Samba football, should not be the Samba legion should play. Is this the Brazilian team that Scolari coached? Brazil lacks captain and Neymar, 4 The strong race, really very hard to say.

Finally, the Brazilian team relies on 2 name Guard 3 da Silva and 4 Louis each scored a goal, and this 2 The ball is a ball of luck, one is a corner, there is a random ball, kicking really bad, to 2 than 1 The victory over Columbia entered the top four, and at the same time paid a dire heavy price.

The football kingdom was also reduced to use 2002 South Korea's World Cup trick, Brazil opened the head, did not expect to finally put themselves to the hole!

World Cup most savage war, Brazil pay dire heavy price to enter the top four

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