The world is the reading of mathematics

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"The World is Digital" is a popular science books, from the hands of top computer scientist Brian W.kernighan, if you do not know who this person is, then you may know the practice of the programming Chinese name programming practice, BRIANW . Kernighan and R.pick co-authored, if you do not know the program design practice, then you certainly know the C programming Language, yes this k&r, is Kernighan and C language of the father of the book, this is known as the C language of the Bible , affecting the generation and generation of programmers.

The hardware part of the book is interesting to me and what's in the computer. The question can be seen in two ways: logically or functionally, the composition of what each part is, what to do, how to do it, how to connect it, and the physical structure of what each part looks like and how it is built. The basic composition of a computer, including the processor, storage of instructions and data, and input, which are often referred to as von Neumann architectures.

The hardware section describes the CPU processor, disk and mass storage and some other devices play a variety of roles, from the physical structure of the computer electronic circuit basic components of the most important is the logic gate circuit, used to calculate an output value based on one or two input values, This means using the input voltage or current signal to control the output voltage or current signal. As long as enough gate circuits are connected in the right way, any calculation can be performed. Know that Moore's law was proposed by Gordon Moore, one of Intel's founders. The contents are as follows: When the price is constant, the number of components that can be accommodated on the integrated circuit will increase by one times every 18-24 months, and the performance will be increased by one times. In other words, the computer performance that every dollar can buy will be doubled by more than every 18-24 months. This exponential growth is what we call Moore's law. Bits, Bytes, and binary: With regard to bits and bytes, it is important to know that the meaning of a set of bits depends on their context, and that the bits can not be seen. A byte can represent a man or a woman with only one bit, and the other 7 idle, can also be used to hold a small integer, or an ASCII character, which can also be part of a character in another writing system, or a part of a large number represented by 8 bytes, a photograph or part of a piece of music , or even part of an instruction for the CPU to execute.

Simply speaking, the computer is a digital processor. They store and process discrete information, which is represented as discontinuous blocks with discontinuous values, which are basically values. The relative simulation information is the value of the smoothed change. Second, the computer uses BITS to represent information. A bit is a binary number, which is a value that is not 0 or 1. Everything in the computer is represented by bits. The computer uses binary internally instead of the familiar decimal again, and the larger information is represented by a bit group. Values, letters, words, names, music, photos, movies, and the instructions contained in the program that processes the information are represented by a bit group.

Finally, this book gives me more knowledge of computers and is a very good book.

The world is the reading of mathematics

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