The world's top search engine, you can choose it when Google's Tragedy

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The world's top search engine, you can choose it when Google's Tragedy

Google, the dominant search engine market in foreign countries, has become a necessary engine for domestic and foreign netizens. However, Google's search is always limited. If you need professional knowledge or want to search for more information resources from another channel, I am afraid Google is helpless. For this reason, we are going to work with you to get to know the search engines in the foreign personalized domain. But Microsoft's Bing is also good.

1. There is a general search problem. You can use the following keyword search engine.

Some search engines provide answers to questions, including, brainboost, factbites, And Ask Jeeves. In addition, you can learn more about how to search Web pages more effectively with free emails. This type can also be attributed to question-and-answer search engines.

2. You need to obtain the results of other search engines from a search engine.

Search engines work together to obtain results from multiple search engines. These search engines are called meta search. Well-known meta-search engines abroad include surfwax, ixquick,, And Mamma.

3. You need help or narrow down or expand the search scope.

There are quite a few search engines on the Internet that can help you give search recommendations or merge search results. These search engines include clusty, wisenut, AOL search, and Teoma.

4. You can preview the search results.

Previewing is a very convenient option anytime and anywhere, and is no exception in the search engine field. Many users choose a search engine with such a function to facilitate their operations. These search engines include exalead, talkdigger, kartoo, zapmeta, and

5. search engines that are academic or research-oriented.

There are also a huge number of academic and research-oriented search engines, which are a good helper in the academic research field. The search engines listed in this type include: scirus and Yahoo.
Reference, National Geographic Map
Machine, magportal, completeplanet, firstgov, and educationworld.

6. Search Engines for images, photos, and clip art.

Network Resources are so rich that it may take a long time to find a part of them using a common search engine. Search engines with targeted image search can quickly find the desired results. For example, picsearch, ditto, and Google also have good image search functions.

7. Search for multimedia, such as sound, movie, and music.

Network Multimedia is so complicated that you need a professional search engine to quickly and effectively find the media resources you need. Search engines of this type include loomia, torrent typhoon, the Internet Movie Database, singingfish, and pods.pdf.

8. Search for a blog.

Now the social networking chain on the internet is so powerful that blogs and communities are indispensable. With the promotion of the Internet, blogs have become an important module of people's life. Therefore, the search engine dedicated to searching blogs is also born. Blog search engines include ljseek, Technorati, and daypop.

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