The WP7 social media application is truly compatible with Bing map.

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According to the latest, Windows Phone product manager Anand Iyer posted a series of Windows Phone 7 platform Foursquare social media in his blog ProgramAnd introduction.

Although Foursquare has released mobile clients for iPhone, Android, and palm platforms, as one of Microsoft's first Developers announced in mix10, foursquare of WP7 was demonstrated and promoted at the MIX Conference as a key project. In fact, Microsoft has already started to cooperate with popular mobile app developers to prepare for the release of Windows Phone 7 this year.

Foursquare is a social network service based on geographical locations. Its function is very interesting, that is, when a user arrives at a store or place, you can use your mobile phone to register your location on the Foursquare website, and publish your location on popular social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

In addition. You can also view comments from other users on Foursquare, and add users who have logged on to this location as friends. If a friend is nearby, Foursquare will send a message to the user. The most important thing is Foursquare's reward mechanism. If a user registers for multiple times at a seller, after a certain number of times, the user will enjoy discounts and discounts from the seller.

Traditional location services (such as local search) have been struggling on the line of life and death, while Foursquare is obviously a more integrated location service with greater commercial value. The user's prize is the credit of the merchant. The Merchant can also send marketing information to the registered user. The traditional location service only helps users find sellers, while Foursquare enables users to interact with sellers, so that sellers can define and understand registered users and have their own user groups, this is more meaningful to sellers.

This Windows Phone 7 Foursquare application is developed based on C # And Silverlight, and Microsoft's Bing map service is used as the map engine in the background. Foursquare can be regarded as a typical example of the Windows Phone 7 series based on geographic location services and real-time data feedback. Is it exciting? Now let's start your WP7 development journey.

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