The WPS table sets the procedure for automatically adding serial numbers

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When making a table using the WPS form, you often need to add an ordinal number. Two common ways to do this are to either hold down the SHIF key or add them manually. However, both of these additions have a common disadvantage, that is, when you need to enter too many rows, it is troublesome to add serial numbers manually. Today's small series will introduce you to the third method, by setting, you can automatically add directly. Let's take a look at it!

WPS table

Set the contents of ordinal 1:

The sequence number is set to auto sort, implemented using the method of inserting the function. Enter "=row ()-2" in the table and carriage return confirmation. The contents of the table are displayed in the formula bar.

About-2 here, notice that the difference between the ordinal and the custom ordinal of the table is observed. The difference is a few minus a few.

Manually select the number of added ordinal lines:

Click the cell in ordinal 1, hold down the SHIFT key, and we want to add 12 lines and click the cell with the ordinal 14. Select Finish.

Click Rows and Columns on the Start menu bar and select Fill down in the Fill option.

Custom ordinal add complete.

The method of manually adding an ordinal applies to a table with fewer rows, but it has the ability to automatically sort ordinal numbers. After you delete a row, the following number is automatically decremented.

To automatically add an ordinal number of rows:

Click on the ordinal 1 cell. Select "Sequence" in the Fill option.

In the Sequence window, select columns. We need to arrange the ordinal by column. In the "End value", fill in the number 20. Are you sure.

The serial number is automatically queued to 20.

A method that automatically adds an ordinal number to a table with more rows. This method adds an ordinal number that does not have the ability to automatically sort.

The above is the WPS table how to automatically fill in the serial number method introduction, hope to be helpful to everyone!

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