The WPS table uses the SUMIF function to filter after the summation sales achievement

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In the financial data statistics, sometimes to filter the sum of some or special conditions, such as the sum of the bonus of the same person's name in the payroll, or the sum of the sales of the product in the table, the summation is not appropriate, a MO to introduce to you if using the SUMIF function to complete the sum.

The SUMIF function refers to a sum of several cells, ranges, or references based on a specified condition, with the syntax =sumif (range,criteria,sum_range). Where range is a conditional region; Criteria is the summation condition; Sum_range is the actual summation area. When Sum_range is not used, the condition area is the actual summation area. The following Mo is explained by a simple example.

In the previous table, the number of sales for each sales employee was recorded by date in March. To see the total sales of each employee in March, you can calculate the total sales for each salesperson in the WPS Mobile version using the SUMIF function.

First figure out the total sales of Rok Zhang Xinsen in March, the method is to double-click the F3 cell in the WPS mobile version, select the "T" icon in the upper-left corner of the virtual keyboard, click the "F (X)" button, and select the "SUMIF" function under "common functions" in the list of functions.

Next, enter =SUMIF (B3:B22,E3,C3:C22) in the function format bar of the WPS Mobile built-in keyboard, where 3 of B3 and C3 in the function represent the first row of the list of people in the table, and 22 in B22 and C22 represent the last row. Make sure the input is correct and then click the Return key, at this point Mo See, sales staff rok Zhang Xinsen March total sales of 14593.

Slide your fingers to the left. WPS Mobile version of the menu navigation bar, find the "Fill" button, click and select "Drag Fill", when a mo with a finger down the virtual arrow, the table of the other 4 sales staff of the total sales volume is also automatically calculated.

Mo believes that for the financial staff proficient in data statistics, it is not difficult to understand the basic concepts of SUMIF functions. Hope that through a case of Mo above to explain, can help "rookie" learn SUMIF function of the use of methods.

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