The Xcode plugin that can't be missed

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Reprinted from the Network Ancient cloud "工欲善其事 its prerequisite", to create a strong development environment, is an excellent way to improve their combat effectiveness immediately! Here are some of the powerful Xcode plugins that are collected. 1. All-round search Home Codepilot 2.0You're looking for a file? Is it a folder? is the code? Never mind,cmd+shift+x call Codepilot, enter anything you want to search! Want to search appfinishlaunchingwithoptions? Forgot how to spell? No matter powerful code search ability, Appflaun can also be found! Super powerful regular match, match whatever you want! Project Address: 2.Vim Control Essentials XvimXvim is a vim plugin for Xcode that allows developers to experience vim without giving up any Xcode functionality. Project Address:Https:// 3.YouCompleteMe (vim plug-in)If you prefer to use Vim to write code, here's a great vim plugin--youcompleteme--you can improve your experience when writing OC code. Youcompleteme can add code Auto-completion to Vim, and does not require you to press a key to view the code completion recommendations-for OC, oc++, C + +, and c the plugin can automatically complete the recommendations. Project Address: 4.XCode color Display plugin colorsenseWhat color is the cold color value in the code? If you frequently encounter this problem, often have to run under the simulator to see, then this plugin must not be missed. What's more, you can even click on the display of the color panel, directly from the system's colorpicker to generate the corresponding color code, no need to do a variety of color code conversion! Project Address:Https:// 5. Large paragraph text sharp hostringsenseOften enter a large paragraph of text, if the text inside a variety of line and special characters, often make people very headache, have hostringsense, no longer do not need to worry about this problem, by the way with the word count function. Project Address:Https:// 6. Specification Note Builder VvdocumenterMany times, in order to develop quickly, a lot of technical documents are able to save the province, this time the comments become extremely important, and then with Doxygen this note automatically generated documents, perfect. But every time you have to manually enter the normalized comments, it is really troublesome, but with the vvdocumenter, standardized comments, the main need to enter three slash "//", OK! (Vvdocumenter is developed on Mac OSX 10.8.5 and Xcode 4.6.3 and should support all Xcode 4 versions, and if you want to support Xcode 5, you can modify the plist file slightly.) Project Address:Https:// 7.CocoaPods for XcodeVery handy for Xcode pods plugins. It is easy to install various objective-c third-party libraries through pods in Xcode, eliminating the hassle of manually running pods command line before; In addition, support for installing library documents via Cocoadocs is also supported. The only regret is that it currently only supports the xcode5,4 version. Project Address:Https:// 8.Xcode Syntax Highlighting pluginPreviously developed with Eclipse, comes with a syntax highlighting effect. iOS development may be a long time, but did not find a syntax highlighting plug-in, because Xcode's own effect is only in the variable or class name add a dashed line, usually look at the code is very uncomfortable, recently decisively for Xcode wrote a syntax highlighting plug-in, but the function is very limited, It's not so easy to use as eclipse, and it doesn't make any difference to the scope of the object. Share it with what you need. Download the attachment, unzip and put in: Your user/library/application Support/developer/shared/xcode/plug-ins directory, some children's shoes have not plug-ins This directory, then manually build one, Then put the extracted highlight-plugin.xcplugin in, restart Xcode. Then you can see the highlighted menu. Project Address: Download number of times: 258 Download number of times: 321 9. Ksimagenamed-xcodeProvides automatic file name completion for the UIImage imagenamed used in the project. When you use [UIImage imagenamed:@ "xxx"], the plug-in scans the image files in the entire workspace. Project Address:Https:// 10.xcode-extend-plug-inHelps you quickly format code, generate comments, copy rows, and more. Project Address: 11.XcodeColorsChange the debug console color project address: 12.SCXcodeMiniMapA Xcode plugin that creates a code mini-map within the current window and highlights the screen. Project Address:Https:// 13.Lin Localized StringsBefore we mentioned an open source Mac Basic Tool scstringsutility, which allows you to edit different languages in a refreshing interface and simply input/output nslocalizedstring data. Lin is a feature-close Xcode plugin that provides a very good interface and provides different areas for different languages. Project Address:Https:// 14. Plugin Management AlcatrazAlcatraz is an open source Xcode 4 Package Manager that makes it easier to discover, install, and manage plugins, templates, and color schemes. Simply click or tick, no manual copying and pasting is required. Project Address:Https://

fuzzyautocompleteplugin--xcode 5 Code Auto-Complete plugin

Fuzzyautocompleteplugin is a Xcode 5 compatible plug-in, adding fuzzy matching to improve the auto-completion of the Xcode code, developers do not have to follow the principle of a scratch, as long as the method to remember a keyword can be matched, a good increase in productivity. Note: This plugin is only tested on Xcode 5, and there is no compatibility between Tests and other plugins (except ksimagenamed). Project address: Https:// Annex:
16. A Xcode plugin for aligning regular code --xalign a Xcode plugin for aligning regular code, a very powerful custom alignment mode. Here is an example of an alignment pattern, where the schema file is main/main/patterns.plist. For more information, see:

The Xcode plugin that can't be missed

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