The XP Logon password is successfully bypassed.

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Many of my friends are still worried about forgetting the XP login password and failing to enter the system. Now I will bring you a solution.
Required tools
1. One USB flash drive
2. Usboot (USB flash drive startup software)
3. winrar (compression software)
I personally tried this method and successfully bypassed the XP login password. I did the experiment in the school data center, but the file format is FAT32. I don't know if NTFS works? I wanted to experiment together. As a result, my optical drive cannot be used on the school machine (my optical drive is faulty and the machine is too old! -Poor), the school's machines are FAT32, no way! Only next time!
Let's talk about the train of thought: The method is very simple. When your machine has a login box asking for a password, you press the windows key + U to see what is reflected ......? Good! Auxiliary tool management tools (haha ~~ Means you can run a magnifier ). Since the magnifier program can be run, can we change the magnifier program to another program? (I will replace it with a program for adding users ............ Haha ~~ Good or bad !) That's the idea! Now let's get started.
①. Create a USB flash drive. Run Usboot first, insert the USB flash drive, select the USB flash drive, and click Start. (Damage the files on the USB flash drive! Be careful !), After formatting, unplug the USB flash drive. Then it will prompt you to insert it again. After inserting the USB flash drive for 1 point, you will be able! My USB flash drive is 1 GB in HDD format.
②. Create a replacement file. Create a file named XX. EXE to replace the original file. However, this file must meet the requirements of Adding users after being executed. The first thing I think of is to write a batch file:
@ Net user hack 123456/add
@ Net localgroup administraroes hack/add
@ Exit
Save it as XX. bat!
Another person asked me, what we want is XX. EXE, but you get us XX. bat. What do you mean?
Good question! Let's make it run XX. EXE, which is equivalent to running XX. bat!
To achieve this goal, we need to use winrar to create a self-extracting file with winrar. Will XX. bat be changed to XX. EXE? Running XX. EXE is equivalent to running XX. bat. (copy XX. EXE to the U disk)
3. Replace the file. To COMS to switch the first boot to the USB-HDD, save ---- Insert the U disk, enter the system c: windowssystem32 down. copy magnify.exe 007magniy.exe success can be done!
Start from the hard disk! When you access the XP login password, you only need to run the magnifier! Press Ctrl + Alt + Del (press twice) and use your new hack user to go in! Go in and change the administrator password!
In this way, the XP login password is successfully bypassed, and a USB flash drive is needed, which is convenient.

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