The year 2014 passed over the year 2014

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The year 2014 passed over the year 2014

"The sky has no traces of wings, but I have flown over." Although some things have been done but are unknown, this is not important. What matters is that I have done it and gained a lot from it.

Briefly write down what has been busy for the last few months from July 2014 to the beginning of 2015. It seems a little impetuous over the past six months. The tide of the mobile Internet followed by waves, and new mobile applications are constantly gaining popularity in the market. It is inevitable that you will not stick to your heart, so you will continue to ponder over small ideas. When you think it is reliable, you can do it in your spare time, from product design, uidesign, to client, server encoding, or even eleven or seven days off, I also spent some time writing and debugging programs. I really want to release the program as soon as possible, and then get market approval. I even want to make money through the software. It may be that you think too much about what you want to do, and think too much about what you want to do. If a piece of software doesn't work, try again. As a result, three mobile applications were successively developed. Here are application y, application q, and application c respectively.

Y is a casual game. It is very easy to get started. You only need to shake your mobile phone. There are three modes of gameplay. One mode requires you to shake your mobile phone with music, the higher the matching degree between the shaking rhythm and the music beat, the higher the game score. This is quite technical, because it involves music beat detection. Music beat detection is a complex algorithm that involves audio decoding, Fourier transform, spectrum energy computing, and wave peak detection, from the end of July to the end of August, I got up every morning and went to work. I did some research on the weekend. It took about a month to get it done. After the beat detection algorithm is completed, immediately analyze the interface principle of 5.3. The tab switching item of Version 5.3 is located at the top, not as if the version after version 6.0 is located at the bottom, I personally think that the interface is concise on the top, while the interface is balanced up and down on the bottom. Fortunately, this does not take much time. It takes about two weeks to build the interface. Later I wrote the game logic. During this period, I encountered a lot of technical problems. Although I had to solve them one after another, it took a lot of time, including the seven-day holiday. The main problem is focused on music Beat Detection and Beat drawing. Different music requires different program parameters to extract the most accurate music beats. Therefore, you need to constantly adjust the program parameters and perform comparative analysis to obtain the seemingly accurate music beats. Because the time precision of the android thread is not very high, this will lead to a constant deviation between the drawn cycle animation and the playing music. After trying a variety of implementation methods, this problem can be solved barely. Then, about two and a half months later, I was expecting to submit the y application to the android app store and launch it soon. Later, I began to post on some forums and post bars and do some promotion work. Although most of the promotion posts were soon deleted, I still insisted on it with great expectation, but there were really few downloads, the natural growth is almost zero. On average, one or two Downloads can be made in a week. Many users simply open the application and click a few times after the download, not to mention registering users and uploading game scores. About a month later, the original pleasant mood had been shocked by the real data and died, and finally disappeared without a trace. I have been asking myself, but is my idea naive? Or is my idea naive? Think too subjective, think of your preferences as user preferences, think of your habits as user habits, think of your way of thinking as the user's way of thinking, and finally make things, the market is not very recognized and cannot stick to users. By the end of this article, y app has accumulated over 1000 downloads in several major app stores, but fewer than 50 users have uploaded scores, and daily active users are basically in single digits.

Q applications and c applications are similar to y applications. self-developed applications are unattended. I believe this is a reality for many individual developers. An application needs to be developed, operated, and promoted from scratch and from small to large. For many individual developers, development has consumed too much enthusiasm and energy. In many cases, operations and promotion may encounter some setbacks, so I am confused and want to stick to them, but I am still playing a back-to-back role, that's what I do.

The q application function is very simple. It mainly displays images of mainstream live video community hosts, which is similar to the "shopping guide" website. Through this application, you can view the mic usage of live video community hosts. Because the y application framework is used directly, the overall development complexity is lower and the time spent is relatively small. It takes about two weeks to complete. Of course, this also benefits from the delivery of the image targeted capture module to Hu GE. I only store and display images. According to your own ideas, the second version will add the voice live function, that is, to obtain the audio data stream of the live broadcasting in real time for users to listen to. It seems that the idea is good, however, technically, these live communities did not open the corresponding audio interfaces. During this period, they also tried to decompile their client software and try to find the audio interface, but eventually ended in failure. The q application is the same as the y application. A few people click it every day to browse it, but the number of users never comes. Sometimes, if you think about it, either a lot of people use it, or no one is using it, so I am dead-hearted, but what makes people go crazy is that every day someone uses it, and the number of active users has been hovering in single digits, do not rise or fall. It may be that the q Application name is too good. It is found every day.

The c application is an image application. You can take a photo to upload an image, or select an existing image to upload. It mainly wants to implement a function similar to multiplayer puzzles, for example, a user in Beijing takes a sunrise image, and a user in Hangzhou also takes a sunrise image, and uses this image to respond to the sunrise image of a user in Beijing, of course, a Nanjing user can also use the Moon Image to respond to the sunrise image of a Beijing user. Finally, Beijing users can select an image from a large number of response images, combine it with your own sunrise image. The entire logic is a bit difficult to say. At first, I thought this idea was creative, interesting, and someone could use it. As of this article, I still felt that the c application was very interesting, however, among the three applications, the c application has the least downloads and the least active users each day. Because I have too many expectations for the c application, I am very energetic in the development process and have spent a lot of time thinking about how to refine this application, in this way, it took a lot of time to develop c applications throughout July and July, and write a lot of client code and server code. Sometimes think about where time goes, and the programmer's time is swallowed up by the editor, eventually turning into line code. Although the product is satisfying and many small details have a good user experience, the market response is as cold as ever, with few downloads and fewer registered users at the same time, no images were sent. This makes you very discouraged and sad. At this time, I am somewhat confused. Sometimes my thoughts are too idealistic and I rarely get the support and approval from others. At this time, my heart will inevitably suffer.

This is how I spent my spare time in the past six months. After work, all weekends, except for running and watching the ball, basically all these mini programs are written at other times, and even blogs are ruined. In a hurry and on schedule, I always feel that this application will attract some users. It may be too much to come up with a name, which is often counterproductive. The ideal and reality are so clear. However, there are still many gains during this period. The biggest difference is that android development is more refined. From the client development perspective alone, android seems to be no secret to me. Just open an application, look at the interface and a little bit of logic, and basically know what components are used and how they are implemented. Another benefit is a simple understanding of the product. As a product, the first thing to do is to locate users and grasp users. It is easier to locate users. It is also very difficult and critical to grasp users, because we have no such thing as "what do I give you, you have to accept the degree of ", so you can understand user requirements and further sharpen the product by honestly conducting research and patiently accepting user feedback.

2014, I have flown over!

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