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Chongqing Talent Network general manager Zhenghan to find business opportunities

Success Tips: Seize the market opportunities, resist the internet too many temptations, focus and repeatedly do the simplest things

Chongqing Talent Website Market, Zheng Hanlin is not the first, nor is the last gold digger, today, there are many people want to squeeze into the market, most of the competitors no fewer than 7. But 5 years later, the 29-year-old Zheng Hanlin became the boss of the market.

One night after the Spring Festival in 2006, Zheng Hanlin with his former boss of a software company to eat, at the table, Zheng Hanlin said, my Chongqing talent Network has been doing for 4 years.

"I will resign and concentrate on Chongqing talent Network." "A year later, Chongqing Talent Network has become Chongqing talent market, the boss of the website, the monthly income of more than 200,000 yuan." Zheng Hanlin finally relieved, "no one will be able to overtake us in a short time." ”

first do website

want to help more people find a job

Zheng Hanlin is Anhui anqing people, June 2002 to Chongqing to break the world, at that time to find a software program, after Chongqing, Zheng Hanlin and most job seekers, the first in Chongqing's major talent market, but he was very disappointed, "so many talent market, I did not find a satisfactory job, But I do not think there is no demand, but too little market information. ”

It is with this experience, let Zhenghan Lin Mou sent himself to do a Chongqing talent website idea. Because of their original software programmer was born, the internet is also more familiar with, after a few months of simple development, the first edition of Chongqing talent Online line. All products are free, businesses and individuals can publish their own information at will.

Because Chongqing did not have a good talent market site, so the site soon after the visit, the volume of traffic climbed sharply, by the end of 2003, the site has more than 70,000 users of the registration volume, while thousands of companies began to look for talent.
"I didn't want to make money at first, because I had a formal job and I wanted to help more people find work conveniently, not like I did." "Zheng Hanlin recalls.

Rapid Development

The website business is getting better

From 2002 to 2005, Zheng Hanlin to work during the day, the evening to write programs to do the website, although very tired, but enjoy. To do 2005, Chongqing Talent Network began to have a certain degree of visibility, corporate registered members reached more than 30,000, individual registered members reached 400,000, and with the increasing popularity of the Internet, online recruitment has become more and more people to seek employment means.

See the site developed more and more good, at the end of 2005, Zheng Hanlin registered the company, the office is their own in the big dam to buy the house, the company recruited 3 people to open the dry. After the operation of the company, the website began to charge membership fees, the company's day-to-day affairs are the wife responsible.

Originally Zheng Hanlin also want to lose a few months before the profit, did not think just set up a company, announced the first month of fees to pay more than 20,000 dollars.

As the company gets bigger, Zheng Hanlin consider quitting his job as a full-time entrepreneur. At that time the site one months of income stability in about 20,000 yuan, but also to support 4 people, if the resignation of entrepreneurship, capital pressure, operating pressure is very large.

give up a high salary

a full-time venture to become the boss

After 2006 Spring Festival, Zheng Hanlin resigned more than 6,000 yuan of high salary, full-time entrepreneurship. The couple made a clear division of labor, the wife of the main outside, tube market, Zheng Hanlin, responsible for management and website development.

Zheng Hanlin Full-time entrepreneurship, the site has been revised, after the revised talent network, to individuals and enterprises to provide more use of the function. Chongqing as the earliest talent site, Zheng Hanlin grabbed the market opportunities, after 5 years of accumulation, began to undergo qualitative changes.

In this year, Chongqing Talent Network member breakthrough 400,000, enterprise users 70,000, every day there are no less than more than 20 new enterprises to find the talent network for the right talent. Chongqing Talent Network Income from the initial 20,000 yuan, developed to today's 200,000 yuan, the main sales revenue from membership fees and online advertising.

"Preconceived is the key to our success, in so many years, there are many competitors to imitate us, but did not succeed, do the Internet temptation too much, the most important thing is to focus." "Zheng Hanlin said.

"My success lies in my focus."

Reporter: I think a lot of people will be interested, why Chongqing's biggest talent site is actually Anhui people do, why Chongqing people did not find this business opportunity?

Zheng Hanlin: In fact, Chongqing has done similar sites, but they are not focused, they do not know that the most successful business is a simple thing to do repeatedly, rather than provide a lot of fancy functional applications. Enterprises only care about here recruit not recruit people, in addition to this, the rest is meaningless.

Journalist: How do you think of competitors?

Zheng Hanlin: Chongqing's Internet industry is smart, there are still people want to intervene in this field, but it does not matter, Chongqing's online recruitment market is very large, we all have the opportunity.

Journalist: Online recruitment, a lot of information are open, you are not afraid of competitors to copy?

Zheng Hanlin: This happened, there have been competitors to emulate us, but there is no relationship, the next 3 years can surpass our opponents estimated not yet, hehe.

Journalist: What is the key to your success?

Zheng Hanlin: Focus, in fact, the talent network from the birth up to today, functional structure has never changed, has been doing, there will be opportunities.

Editor of the 1995 Chongqing "Van Cheng BBs" The opening, announced the arrival of the era of Chongqing Internet industry. 12 years later, Chongqing's website from the initial several development to today's more than 600, during the period also enthusiastically out like 163888, auspicious, Tenkine such a large number of well-known sites in China, but compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, there is still a big gap.

163888 founder Zhengli to this feeling quite deep: Also recruit a programmer, in Chongqing may find for one months can not find, but in Beijing as long as the advertising, the next day someone to apply.

Still, the internet industry in Chongqing is growing fast. Especially in the past two years, frequent Chongqing's personal website began to achieve a substantial profit. Various indications, Chongqing's internet industry is more and more hot, more and more attract the attention of many investment institutions.

In such an industry background, this newspaper will use a week's time, the report is very distinctive, but not yet known the story behind the Chongqing website, hope that these web site entrepreneurial story can bring readers more enlightenment.

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