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The annual Women's Day, in addition to doing the design, is more thinking about design thinking and skills of things. How to follow a good process, improve efficiency, so that the design quality to maintain a certain level. The quality of design does not fluctuate greatly due to various limitations. At the same time, respect all kinds of voices, understand the idea behind the sound, designers in addition to design, more should focus on effective communication.

"Divergent thinking begins with accumulation."

1 creative companies often brainstorm between members before each proposal, or they become divergent thinking. It is very useful for individuals who are engaged in mental work. Recommended use of the Mindjet Visual Thinking guide map

Make assumptions, even if they are unrestrained.

Search for possibilities in web-like theme keywords, searching for keywords.

From the keywords extracted from the graph, explore the same topic in a variety of keyword group synthesis new meaning.

2 Those who are more active in thinking, the brain will also be loaded with this large pile of dry goods. At the same time, they can be easily extracted from the knowledge that has been sorted and stored when needed.

What's The secret? Once in their reading notes, "Knowledge Management note" Recorded this information, at the same time, the network of these two articles also have a certain reference value, "Brief introduction of Personal Knowledge system" (partial comprehensive) and "accumulation, so Simple" (biased design Professional)

According to the divergence Association and keyword Search Design interface--Link

"How to associate and search for material"

The designer's biggest headache is to think of a beautiful picture, but not to build it. One of the reasons for the material to find, can not find the appropriate material will be very difficult to stunning picture. What to do? You can try out the Divergent association and keyword search, the abstract words are imaging, below the 38 girls ' Day for example.

Women's Day

Strong woman--ol, office, Briefcase, able ...

Superwoman--Iconic costumes, S, attention, Starlight ...

The Queen--the scepter, the seat, the crown, the spotlight, the bowing ...

Throne + Spotlight + capable female

Superwoman + Briefcase + Flash

"Thinking of Font design"

Font design is an important manifestation of the sense of image quality. Because there is no richness of English fonts, Chinese font design especially test the skill of designers, and font design should be divided into two parts, body design and effect design

Body Design: Liu Bing lecture on font design + 180 Works Collection

Glyph design: "60+photoshop font Creative Effect Tutorial"

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