Therapeutic side of Cerebral Infarction

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 Therapeutic side of Cerebral Infarction

Prescription: 50 grams of lean pork, 20 grams of garlic cloves, 6 grams of pigtail food, 10 grams of black fungus, 10 grams of ginger, 5 jujubes, 4 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, boiled properly with water. Liantang food, one meal a day.
Cerebral infarction is a common frequently-occurring disease in the elderly, often accompanied by high blood pressure, high blood fat, atherosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases of the blood circulation system, once the onset of the disease requires long-term medication, maintenance treatment. Drug reactions are also common. The advantage of therapeutic prescription is that it is beneficial to the body but harmless. It can be consumed for a long time and has little side effects. The patient may wish to observe carefully and try it out to verify the efficacy.

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Cerebral Infarction

Dietary principles for Cerebral Thrombosis
(1) restrict fat intake. In daily diet, we need to reduce the total amount of fat, increase the unsaturated fatty acids, decrease the animal fat, and increase the P/S ratio to more than 1.8 to reduce the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol in the liver. When cooking, animal oil is not used, but vegetable oil, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc., the amount of 25 grams per person per day, less than 750 grams per month is appropriate. To limit the cholesterol of food, each person should be within 300 mg per day, that is, three egg yolks can be eaten per week.
(2) control the total heat. If the diet controls the total fat intake, blood lipids will drop, and obese or overweight patients will lose weight, it is best to achieve or maintain the ideal weight, this is beneficial to the physiological functions of various internal organs throughout the body.
(3) increase protein in a proper amount. Because the amount of fat in the diet decreases, it is necessary to increase protein properly. It can be provided by lean meat, peeled poultry, and can be used with more fish, especially sea fish. It is good for lowering blood cholesterol and blood viscosity to eat a certain amount of soy products, such as tofu and dried bean.
(4) restrict the intake of refined sugar and sugar-containing sweets, including snacks, sweets and drinks. With the development of the beverage industry, various sugary drinks are constantly increasing. After drinking more sugary drinks locally, sugar in the body is converted into fat and accumulated in the body, it will still increase the weight, blood sugar, blood lipids and blood viscosity, which is extremely unfavorable for the recovery of cerebral thrombosis. Therefore, it is necessary to control the application of drinks. For example, when a patient with cerebral thrombosis suffers from both diabetes mellitus and uses hypoglycemic agents to produce hypoglycemia, drink appropriate drinks to prevent the damage to the blood sugar from falling. When transient hypoglycemia is relieved, do not drink any more sweet drinks.
Many manufacturers now produce health-care drinks, mainly low-sugar drinks. Some sweeteners are used to replace sucrose, which is popular and meets the requirements and taste of Xitian diners. Common sweeteners include asbatian and stevioside. Its sweetness is dozens of times that of sucrose. It is used in a small amount and does not produce heat, is non-toxic, and is not absorbed in the body. It can be discharged from the kidney with the urine. Many animal experiments have proved that Aspen is not carcinogenic. It can be placed in solution and surface preparation.
(5) some patients with cerebral thrombosis have hypertension, and the amount of salt should be small. They should adopt a low-salt diet and 3 grams of salt each day. After cooking, add salt and mix well.
(6) Pay attention to cooking methods. If you put salt in the cooking, the cooking food is still very light and difficult to enter. To increase appetite, you can add some vinegar, tomato sauce, and sesame sauce when cooking. Vinegar can be used for flavoring, but it can also accelerate the dissolution of fat, promote digestion and absorption. sesame paste contains a high amount of calcium, often edible can supplement calcium, calcium can increase the density of Vascular Endothelial, to prevent cerebral hemorrhage has certain benefits.
(7) patients with cerebral thrombosis often need to drink water, especially in the early morning and evening. Drinking Water in the early morning can dilute the gastrointestinal tract. After water enters the blood, the body is discharged as sweat and urine. The amount of activity in the evening is small. The biggest benefit of drinking water before sleep is to dilute the blood and prevent thrombosis.

Ii. Selection of cerebral thrombosis food
(1) foods that require dietary fiber and vitamin C, including coarse grains, vegetables and fruits. Some foods such as onions, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, kelp, Hawthorn, seaweed, light tea, konjac and so on have a lipid-reducing effect.
(2) food that is light, soft, and rich in dietary fiber should be eaten at ordinary times. Cooking methods such as steaming, cooking, stewing, cooking, cooking, stir-frying, cooking, and warm-mix should be recommended, it is not suitable for frying, frying, stir-frying, oil-drenched, roasting, and other methods.
Family care for cerebral thrombosis patients

Cerebral thrombosis patients are hospitalized in the acute phase. After the patient's condition is stable and has improved to a certain extent, most patients need to go home for further treatment and rehabilitation training. At this time, nursing is very important. If the care is good, the patient's condition can continue to improve and prolong the life. Otherwise, it can aggravate the disease and cause a variety of complications, sometimes, or even endanger the patient's life. Therefore, in order to make patients recover as soon as possible, we should pay attention to family care:
1. Psychological care
Cerebrovascular disease occurs mostly in the elderly, and their life processing ability is poor. In addition, they suffer from sequelae, which may lead to impatience or loss of confidence in treatment. Therefore, when parents care for patients, be patient, careful, understand the patient's psychological activities at any time, and do the Ideological Work of the patient so that it can enhance the confidence to overcome the disease.
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene:
It is necessary to clean the body at regular intervals to help the patient change his clothes and get bedding. Maintain oral hygiene. When you cannot brush your teeth, you can use sterile gauze dipped warm boiled water to scrub your mouth, or use a cotton swab, cotton balls dipped warm saline to clean all parts of the mouth for the patient, once each day morning and evening.
3 pay attention to prevent bedsore:
For a patient having a long-term stay in bed and having a fixed position or posture for a long time, the following parts of the body are under pressure: The back and back skin and soft tissue are blocked by blood circulation, malnutrition, poor resistance, as a result, the local skin is red, broken, erosion, ulcer, formation of hemorrhoids. Severe ulcer enlargement, secondary systemic infection, can cause sepsis and life-threatening. To prevent bedsore, you must change the bed posture and turn the patient over once every 2-3 hours. Bedding should be flat, dry, clean, and promptly cleaned after defecation, so that the skin remains dry and sanitary. If the skin becomes red, you can wipe it with 50% alcohol and gently massage it around the place. It can also be used to make the skin fever slightly. If bedsore has been formed, it should be treated according to each stage of bedsore under the guidance of a doctor.
4 pay attention to preventing pulmonary infection:
The patient is prone to pulmonary infection due to poor resistance. Therefore, you must be careful to avoid cold and catch a cold. Otherwise, the sputum is not easy to cough out after the upper respiratory tract infection, and it is easy to spread down the respiratory tract to cause lung infection.
5. Pay attention to the following:
Some patients with paralysis have incontinence. If not promptly cleaned, it may cause urinary tract infection. Therefore, you must pay attention to changing the pad frequently to keep the local clean. If there is anal circumference or skin redness, you can use warm water to clean, dry, and coated with zinc oxide paste to protect the skin. If there is constipation, it should be convenient in a timely manner, can be opened or use soap water enema. The increase in cellulose intake in diet can prevent dry stools to a certain extent. The traditional Chinese medicine Senna leaf is soaked in water for tea, which has a good convenient function. Try it.
6 Note nutrition:
Due to the inability to take care of themselves and the possibility of impaired throughput, a considerable number of people are under malnutrition. Therefore, special attention should be paid to strengthening nutrition in family care to ensure the supply of protein, vitamins, cellulose and electrolyte in patients. Patients who have not yet fully recovered from swallowing disorders can eat soft solid food. We should stick to feeding if necessary. If conditions are met, consult a nutrition expert to help determine the optimal way to provide nutrition, such as intravenous nutrition or oral nutrition, to ensure that patients obtain the required nutrition during the rehabilitation period. Don't lie down or do not exercise all day long. This will cause muscle atrophy, and you won't be able to stand up again later. Pay attention to cleanliness; otherwise it will cause hemorrhoids and ulcers, pay attention to the health care of the brain. It is recommended that you eat milk to avoid spicy food, eat more vegetables, fruits and soy products. You can add some natural plants with health care effects to your diet, such:
(1) purslane. Among them, there is a kind of substance called omega-3 fatty acid, ① It can inhibit the formation of serum cholesterol and triglyceride in vivo ② it can make the anti-inflammatory substance produced by vascular endothelial cells-increase, the decrease of platelet formation thrombosis A2 reduces the blood viscosity, increases the effect of anticoagulant, and plays a role in preventing thrombosis. In addition, Purslane contains calcium ions and potassium ions. after entering the blood flow, it can directly affect the vascular wall, so that the vascular wall expands, prevent the arterial wall thickening, and effectively protect the vascular vessels from damage.
(2) Garlic: garlic has many active ingredients. It can inhibit the development of atherosclerosis, reduce blood lipids, prevent thrombosis, and inhibit platelet function. Because garlic has a great stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, a small amount of food should be consumed.
(3) onion: it has the effects of reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and preventing thrombosis. It has some preventive and therapeutic effects on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and vascular embolism.
(4) foods with lipid-lowering effects, such as mung bean, Hawthorn, and shiitake mushrooms. Foods with lower blood pressure, such as celery, eggplant, Hu zhibu, Sichuan (also known as ground food, ground cauliflower, Sichuan food, grass, and lettuce), and light dishes (also known as water dishes) kelp, peanuts, etc.
6. Adjust emotions
Excited, nervous, and melancholy are the Mental Factors of the disease. Therefore, you must adjust your emotions, relax your mental burdens and emotions, and make sure that you do not over-limit your five ambitions. It is one of the important measures to prevent this disease.
7. Work and rest
Daily life is common and you do not need to do anything, that is, regular work and rest cannot be done too much, which is an important factor in maintaining health. Moderate style activities, qigong training, and Taijiquan can not only avoid obesity, but also maintain physical and mental health. It is very beneficial to prevent Hypertension and atherosclerosis.
8. attach importance to aura
After middle age, especially in patients with hypertension, vertigo occurs from time to time, one side of the limb numbness and weakness, poor language is considered as three major signs of the disease. In the event of a similar situation, medical treatment should be performed in a timely manner and relevant examinations such as blood rheological examination. If there is a high level of suspicion of cerebral thrombosis, aspirin and other drugs should be taken to prevent cerebral thrombosis. ,
9. Quit Smoking and stop drinking

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