There are many things in Bluetooth for a while. Summary.

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There are many things in Bluetooth for a while. Summary.


ID Profile Name Purpose
1 A2dp Advanced Audio distribution profile Advanced Audio distribution specification. For example, high-quality music playing on a mobile phone can be transmitted to Bluetooth stereo headphones or on-board devices. a2dp is mainly used to transmit high-quality audio streams in two directions.
2 Avrcp Audio Video remote control profile Audio and video remote control specifications. The purpose is to achieve remote control. Currently, mobile phones can be remotely connected to Bluetooth headsets. For example, when playing music (the last or the next one), when making a call, it is connected/closed.
3 BIP Basic imaging Profile Basic imaging specifications. Images can be transmitted between different devices. For example, images on mobile phones can be transmitted to printers.
4 BPP Basic priting Profile Basic printing specifications. For example, a mobile phone can send text, email, and images to a printer, and a printer can print them.
5 CIP Common ISDN access profile Public ISDN access specification.
6 CTP Codeless telephony Profile Cordless Telephone specifications
7 Did Device ID Profile Device ID specification.
8 Dun Dial-Up Network Profile Dialing Network specifications. A typical application: A laptop can use a mobile phone to dial up the Internet.
9 Fax Fax Profile Fax specifications. Fax is designed to provide an interface that is defined as appropriate between a mobile phone or a fixed phone or a PC with the fax software installed. The typical configuration is that a personal computer uses a mobile phone as the fax gateway to send fax transmission to any receiver.
10 FTP File Transfer Profile File Transfer specifications. This is usually used. Transfer files between mobile phones and PCs.
11 Gavdp General Audio Video distribution profile

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