There is a kind of health care product called "wife"

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There is a kind of health care product called "wife"

Wife Manual

[Product name] is commonly known as a wife. In formal occasions, it can be called a wife or an inner. It is also known as daling.
[Chemical name] Woman
[Ingredients] water, blood, and fat type carbohydrate, the smell is fragrant.
[Physical and chemical properties] the property is lively and can be divided into one price (married), two price (married), and three price (married) according to the situation ).... N price (married ). It is easy to dissolve in honey and sweet words. The melting point is reduced under the catalysis of true feelings, diamond, money, and mansion. Hard to dissolve in white ding
[Traits] This product is Cola-like concave and convex, smooth surface, coated with a variety of cosmetics, a strong affinity for diamond, platinum; redshift when shy; angry blue shift (Green shift) this product produces yellow shift over time, the shape will change, but it does not affect the continued use.
It is also effective to treat single-person phobias as and fall out of love and fall in love.
[Usage and usage] It is recommended to take a whole life.
[Note] This product is only applicable to single adult men. Exercise caution when using the service. If the drug causes the user to suffer from soft ears (palladium ears), incision, bronchitis, and other phenomena, consult the relevant professional physician immediately and use it under the guidance of a doctor; if not, you can continue to use it. Eating more has a fatal allergic reaction. Eating more than two types of food can lead to adverse interactions!
[Specification] is usually 45 kg to 65 kg. In case of special overweight, ask a man to exercise more or contact a health doctor.
[Storage] It is properly stored at normal temperature, with the best indoor ventilation. If it is outdoors, it is necessary to avoid groups of female and handsome guys. During use, do not leave this product overnight.
[Packing] all kinds of fashion, jewelry, handbags, and change at any time as the season changes.
[Validity period] depends on the degree of happiness, the maximum length of life; the shortest, one day may also fail.
[Approval No.] for formal approval No., see the inner pages of the diamond ring statement.
[Production enterprise] Old Master and old master

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